Hi! I m Heather Swan, founder of Toffee + Twine. I worked 8+ years on a sales floor, where my co-workers would often come to me asking what gifts to get their significant other. Let’s just say I gave out A LOT of advice. (You’re welcome wives, girlfriends, moms, husbands, boyfriends, dads!)

The pinnacle of my advice-giving, and the spark to this business, occurred in 2018 at a company retreat in Hawaii. I was chatting with a coworker’s wife about the Mother’s Day surprise that I helped arrange. She joked about my gift-giving skills and how I should turn these skills into a real life business.

It finally all clicked and Toffee + Twine was born.

I love the thought of everyone opening a gift and being totally happy. 


Toffee + Twine is on a mission to take the guess out of gift-giving. We aim to bring your #pinterestgoals to life (and never have to fake-love a gift again!). You can showcase your heart’s desires with our curated registry app. Just share your Toffee + Twine profile with your loved ones today and start gifting the love!