4(th of July) Gifts for Grilling

Summer is in full force, which means that we’re practically living in our backyards. Whether we’ve got a large backyard, or a cramped patio, this is the season to take advantage of those outdoor spaces.

And what better way to celebrate the summer than by grilling? It’s time to throw out those rusty chairs and plastic plates, and get ~fancy~ with outdoor hosting.

Of course your BBQs have been the talk of the town the past few summers, so it’s time to help a loved one level up their outdoor hosting game. (With a gift, of course!)

4th of July is the best time to truly impress with an outdoor shindig, so we’ve put together the top 4 gifts that’ll help your family and friends grill to impress this 4th of July. Give these gifts for grilling and let this be the one summer you do nothing but wait for the BBQ invitations to roll in.

light blue yeti cooler bbq gifts
Keep things cool when it’s hot with the Yeti cooler

Yeti is a household name in coolers, and for good reason. They’ve perfected the cooler game by creating a monster cooler that’s lighter to carry, has more space, and keeps things cooler for longer.

But let’s be real – we’re here for the aesthetics, and these coolors come in gorgeous colors that’ll have your guests green with jealousy when you’re handing them their next cold cider.

Get the cooler here: Yeti Roadie 24 Hard Cooler

adult inflatable pool with banana leaves
Soak in style with this mini-pool

Speaking of aesthetic, this inflatable pool will make you the cool kid on the block, while also keeping your body cool.

This is one of those products where the picture is worth a thousand words. All we’ll say is that it’s reasonably priced, so at least they won’t spend too much money impressing their friends.

Get the pool here: That’s Banana Leaf Minnidip Pool

three glass drink dispensers 4th of july gift
Keep your guests cool with these stylish drink dispensers

Just as important as the food is making sure guests are properly hydrated on a hot day.

These stylish drink dispensers will probably sit in their garage for most of the year, but when they do bust it out all their guests will be impressed.

Impressed, and hydrated.

Get the drink dispensers here: Classic Glass Drink Dispenser

iznik tile decorated outdoor dining set
Transport your guests to the Mediterranean with this outdoor dining set

Indoor dining sets get all the attention, but the next step to pro-hosting is investing in an outdoor dining set.

This gorgeous outdoor dining set is inspired by Turkish Iznik ceramics. That impressive fun fact is part of the gift – your loved one’s guests will be equally impressed with their knowledge of Turkish ceramics as they are with these beautiful designs.

Get the set here: Iznik Tile Melamine Dinnerware Collection

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