5 Gifts for New Year’s Eve

Gift giving during the holidays is all about celebrating who a person is right NOW, flaws and all. And that means indulgent, thoughtful gifts. Things and experiences they don’t need, but really really want.

Which is tons of fun!

But sometimes you want to give the gift of believing in someone’s journey – who they WILL become, and the things they need to get there.

Cue...New Year’s Eve!

We know, we know, New Year’s Eve isn’t traditionally considered a gift giving time, but as far as we’re concerned, it’s ALWAYS a good time to give a gift that says I care.

Getting your loved one a New Year’s Eve gift is a perfect low-pressure way to support them in their resolutions, and to show that you’re invested in their success.

In this post we’ll talk about how to pick out the perfect New Year’s Eve gift, and share with you our top 5 picks.

Read on for gifting genius!

Choosing a New Year’s Eve gift with sensitivity

One of the hardest things about getting a New Year’s Eve gift is getting them something that supports their resolutions and goals, without implying that there’s something wrong with them.

After all, if you get your partner a fancy weigh-in scale out of the blue, they might think you’re trying to tell them that they need to lose weight, when that might not even be a goal of theirs. Awkward!

So how do you turn the awkward potential into an amazing gift giving experience?

The first step is to openly ask them about their resolutions, and really listen.

Often when we talk about how we’d like to change, we mention that there’s ONE thing that’s stopping us from getting there.

I would go to the gym more often...if only I had a workout outfit.

I would eat healthier...if only making smoothies wasn’t such a pain.

Listen to those “if only” statements, and find the perfect gift to knock down their obstacle.

As a bonus, try and think of a gift that SUPPORTS their goal, but is also just generally useful. That way if they’re not hitting their goals they don’t have yet another physical reminder of failure cluttering their house.

Here’s our top 5 New Year’s Eve gift ideas based on some of the most popular resolutions:

1. Resolution: General goal setting…

The top reason New Year’s resolutions don’t often get met is that people set lofty goals without any plan on how to execute them.

The trick for effective goal-setting is that they need to be actionable, and specific. And that takes planning.

The LifePlanner is a fully customizable planner that includes all the goal-setting and organizational tools they’ll need to reach their goals. This planner is PERFECT for your friend who buys five planners every year and still complains that none of them have exactly what she needs.

Whether they have one specific goal in mind that they need to work on, or they just generally need to get their stuff together, the LifePlanner will set them up for success.

Get the planner here:

Life Planner

2. Resolution: Marie-Kondo your life

There’s nothing more satisfying than finally cleaning out that spare closet in the house, and putting everything into little boxes and drawers.

That’s exactly what the Container Store is all about.

It can be hard to feel motivated to organize all your stuff when you know it will just get messy again because you don’t have good storage solutions.

Get your loved one the gift of durable and beautiful storage by getting them a gift card to the Container Store.

Or better yet, if you know what project they want to tackle, you can get them the very tools they need. Like getting your partner these drawer organizers. You know, so they can FINALLY clean out and organize the closet.

Get the gift card here: Container Store Gift Card

Get the drawer organizer here: Black Cambridge Drawer Organizer

3. Resolution: To read more

Reading is an active way to expand knowledge and explore new worlds, so it’s no surprise that many people state “reading more” as one of their top New Year’s resolutions.

But just because you want to read more doesn’t mean you want to devote a whole wall in your living room to bookshelves, or you want to schlep books with you when you’re traveling.

The Kindle Oasis is the best Kindle e-reader there is to date. Like most e-readers, it has a paperwhite display which means it’s glare free and doesn’t feel like you’re staring at a screen (because we desperately need less screen time in our lives). Plus, the Oasis allows you to change your display to a warm amber light for night time reading. It even has audiobook capabilities; all you need is a bluetooth headphone or speakers to listen to your favorite books.

Ge the Oasis here: Amazon Kindle Oasis 4. Resolution: Work smarter, not harder

We all know someone who prefers to write it all out by hand...and then they can’t remember where they’ve written it.

The reMarkable 2 is a different kind of tablet. It has a paper-like feel to it, and allows you to write handwritten notes and organize them into different folders. It has the digital functionality of a tablet, without the distraction of one.

It’s perfect for brainstorming, meeting notes, organizing projects and ideas. You can even use it to markup PDF files, which makes this gift a godsend for the teacher or lawyer in your life.

And the best part? You don’t have to spend hours typing up your notes – The reMarkable converts all your notes to text.

Get the reMarkable 2 here

5. Resolution: Get in shape

They know what they need to do...get their behind to the gym. Although they wish you could give them the gift of motivation to get their exercise in everyday, that’s all up to them.

What you can do is make sure they have everything they need for the gym, and they look stylish while doing it. This Under Armor Duffel bag has a place for everything they need at the gym — shoes, change of clothes, keys, water bottle and more.

If you know their size, you can go ahead and just fill up the bag with a head-to-toe exercise outfit that will get them excited to put it on.

Get the duffle bag here: Under Armor Duffel Bag

Start 2021 off with the new tradition of New Year’s Eve gift-giving and your loved ones will be touched by how much you care.

– –

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