6 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts

Ah, Valentine’s Day... Is it the second most stressful gift-giving holiday after Christmas?

Not at Toffee + Twine.

We’re here, chock-full of Valentine’s day gift ideas for your bae, and we’re kicking things off with this all around guide to a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Sure, the gift itself is important, but the perfect Valentine’s Day is all about making the time and space to cherish your love with another person. It’s a chance to celebrate everything you’ve already built together, or dream about where your relationship will take you.

That’s why we LOVE an experience gift for Valentine’s Day, but what better way to finish off the perfect day than with the perfect gift all wrapped up just for them?

Read on for 3 romantic experience ideas and 3 unique takes on time-tested Valentine’s Day gifts. Experience love together

The only thing that matters is being together, and these three gifts will give you the perfect setting to grow your love in.

A picnic in the park – or even your own backyard – is a romantic (and cost-effective) way to experience something special together. Wow them with your care by picking out the best of the best goodies to stuff in your picnic basket, and make sure they don’t have to lift a finger.

If you don’t want to lift a finger either, you can go with a Pop Up Picnic experience. Pop up Picnic will curate a menu for you, lay out a beautifully coordinated tablescape AND clean everything up after you, so you can focus solely on being in the moment. Pop Up Picnic is based in San Diego, but similar services are creeping up in most major cities. It’s a great option if you’ve got the vision, but lack the time.

Coordinate your picnic: Pop Up Picnic

Cooking a gourmet meal together is the perfect activity for those couples who are still getting to know each other. Coordinating in the kitchen together (especially if it’s small) can be a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity for some really special memories.

Cuiline provides global cooking experiences right in the digital comfort of your home. They’ll send you a basket of all the speciality ingredients you’ll need ahead of time, as well as a list of the fresh ingredients you’ll need to complete the meal. Then their chefs will guide you through cooking the meal together on Zoom.

This Valentine’s Day Cuiline is transporting couples to the romantic Rome, with their three course Rome’s Culinary Delights” meal.

Nothing brings two people together more than pasta.

Get cooking: Cuiline Rome’s Culinary Delights Valentine’s Day Class

Board games make the perfect date night, even if you aren’t a self-identified nerd. We promise you, after one game night you will be.

Games are a great way to learn collaboration (or feed your competitive spirit) and have fun. Plus, being an adult means you can drink wine and eat fancy cheeses while you play.

Classics like Jenga or Scrabble are always tons of fun, and can even serve as decor pieces in your home, but branching out to more complex games can provide hours of fun that you can replicate every week.

If you really want to feel transported while you’re stuck at home, Ticket to Ride is the perfect game. The basic concept is simple; connect European cities by building trains. But as you play this game together with your honey you’ll feel transported to a romantic European train ride. Orient express, anyone?

Awaken your inner nerd: Ticket to Ride board game Unique twists on the classics

Chocolate, flowers and perfume – it’s the Valentine’s Day trifecta of classic gifts. We believe there’s nothing wrong with falling back on the classics, but here’s some unique twists your partner will love to receive.

Perfume is a classic Valentine’s Day gift for a reason – when you gift your S.O. a delicious scent, they’ll think of you every time they smell it. Plus, it’s a win-win situation where you get to enjoy their fragrance as well.

This year, move beyond the big brand-name fragrances and give them something truly unique. Maison Margiela’s Replica line creates fragrances that elicit a particular time and place.

The Bubble Bath fragrance conjures up the image of soaking in a luxurious bath, and has a definite California feel to it. Although it’s a clean scent, fellow dark-and-sexy scent lovers will love the complexity that Jasmine and Oak Moss brings to the table.

Jump in the bath here: Maison Margiela’s Replica: Bubble Bath

Love is sweet. Chocolate is sweet. It’s a no-brainer, really.

Ditch the drugstore chocolate box in the cheesy red box, and get something truly special this year.

Monsoon Chocolate is an award-winning chocolatier from Tucson, Arizona that encapsulates the flavors of the Southwest in their delectable confections. Equally as drool-worthy is their packaging, which you may just be tempted to keep around after the chocolate’s been all gobbled up.

All of their chocolate is responsibly sourced and handcrafted, so you know you’ll be feeding your S.O. only the best.

Peruse the chocolate selection here: Monsoon Chocolate

Flowers bring joy, but that joy can be short lived. Come February 18th you’re likely to see your beautiful bouquet wilted and in the trash.

Get your S.O. something a little hardier, so they’ll be able to enjoy your gift for months to come.

Bloomscape safely delivers houseplants directly to your door, so you can find a home for your plant baby without spending hours at the nursery. The plants are carefully shipped with special boxes to ensure they get to you in tip-top shape.

This Bromeliad is the perfect houseplant for Valentine’s Day because it blooms a pretty pink flower. And the best part? It’s a fuss-free plant that’s easy to take care of, because although you love your S.O., you’re still not sure if they can keep a plant alive.

Get their next plant baby here: Potted Bromeliad plant from Bloomscape

Give your S.O the perfect Valentine’s Day this year with an experience they’ll never forget, and a gift they’ll treasure forever.


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