6 Planning Tools for Your 2021 BIG DREAMS!

YAY! 2021 has officially begun.

We share a lot of thoughtful gift ideas for your loved ones, but It’s time to focus on gifts for YOU.

We’re going to be talking about #goals all month long, and we’re kicking it off by going over the best tools for planning out a successful year.

The start of a new year is a classic time to set goals, but often you just write down your goals on a piece of paper and put them away.

To truly set yourself up for success in the new year, develop a game plan for achieving your goals, and rid yourself of any obstacles (or excuses) that are holding you back from getting there!

You don’t have to start on January 1st to be successful. Any day is a good day to commit to change, and these 6 tools – 3 digital and 3 on-paper – will help you smash those goals and build new habits for success.

Setting Up A Budget...And Sticking To It

Ah money; the thing that makes the world go round.

The start of the year is a great time to take back control of your finances by setting a budget, and sticking to it.

Maybe your financial goals include paying down your credit card debt, or starting to save up for a house. It’s not likely to happen unless you change your budget. After all, it hasn’t happened with the current budget you have!

You Need a Budget is an approach to budgeting that’s intuitive, and easy to follow. The goal of You Need a Budget is to get you out of the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck, and get your money work for you, no matter what size budget you have to work with.

They have tons of free videos that outline exactly how to implement their budgeting approach, and they also have an app that will help you keep ALL of your expense tracking in one tidy place. They’re currently offering a 34 day free trial of the app, so right now (yes, now!) is a perfect time to start.

Get the app here: You Need a Budget App

If you prefer to write things out, the PetitePlanner Budget Book by Erin Condren is perfect. It’s small enough to go with you when you somehow spend $100+ on brunch, or when your window shopping turns into a whole new outfit. Now you’ll have no excuse for not writing your purchases down as soon as the deed is done.

The planner doesn’t follow a specific budgeting approach, so you could even use the You Need a Budget approach together with this planner!

Plus, it looks pretty, and sometimes that’s all you really need to make sure you’ll actually use it.

Get the planner here: PetitePlanner Budget Book by Erin Condren

Mindfulness and Meditation

We could all use a little bit of healing after a tough year, and there’s no better time than now to work at being more mindful.

Mindfulness is all about learning to be fully present in the moment, and developing emotional intelligence. Harnessing this tool can help you find calmness when you feel chaos, find energy when you need to slog through something, and better process emotions.

Of course developing mindfulness is not a substitute for seeing a mental health professional if things get tough, but it can help improve your overall wellness.

Headspace is an app that helps you develop mindful practices to achieve wellness goals like sleeping better, waking up earlier, reducing stress, and mindful eating. The app is geared towards mini meditation sessions aimed at helping you focus on the now, and not focus on negative thoughts.

All you need is ten minutes out of your day to start practicing mindfulness and working towards your wellness goals. You can try the app for free for a week to see if it’s something that you’ll find useful.

Get the app here: Headspace App

The act of writing can help you practice mindfulness, which is why mindfulness journals are so popular. The Kikki.K Mindfulness Journal walks you through mindfulness techniques and provides thought-provoking prompts to get in your daily mindful exercises.

Get the journal here: Kikki.K Mindfulness Journal.

New Year, New You, New Habits

Exercise three times a week, read four books a month, call the parents once a week, these are just some of the habits that you might want to set for yourself this new year.

They say it takes 21 days to fully form a habit to the point where you can’t imagine NOT doing it. By visually tracking your habits you’re able to see your progress, and identify what’s tripping you up.

The James Clear habit tracker is a dot journal that gives you the creative space to track your habits in whatever way works best for you.

This high quality journal is more than just a habit tracker – it also includes one-line-per-day templates to prompt you to journal about WHY you might not have stuck to your habit, or what’s working for you.

Get the journal here: James Clear Habit Journal

If you’re looking for a tech solution to tracking your habits, look no further than stickK. This app was developed by behavioral economists to motivate you to stick to your habits.

You can hold yourself accountable by connecting with an accountability buddy, and even up the stakes by paying yourself for being successful. One of the strongest features of the app, however, is the communities feature that connects you with other people who are struggling to develop the same habits.

Get the app here: stickK.

Start the year off right by putting these tools in your toolbox. Here’s to a fantastic 2021!


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