6 Rad Grad Gifts

Graduating is one of life’s most important milestones, whether it be graduation from high school, college, grad school, or trade school. Graduation parties and ceremonies celebrate the accomplishments of seeing something through to the end, which is one of the first lessons of life any young adult learns.

It’s also the perfect occasion to give your graduating loved one a gift. Graduation gifts are often practical – things they need to succeed in the next chapter of their lives, but graduation gifts can also be a bit indulgent. Sure, they need some key pieces to stock their kitchen, but feel free to indulge them with luxury items they wouldn’t be able to afford themselves.

We’ve lined up 6 Gifts for Graduation that’ll be sure to have them thanking you for years to come.

two blue apron meals on a blue table shrimp pasta and asparagus
Unleash their inner chef with a Blue Apron subscription

Does your grad always come over to your house for a hot meal? It’s time they learned at least the basics of cooking.

Meal kits like Blue Apron are the perfect foray into learning how to cook. They’ll get a package with all of the ingredients they need, in exact amounts, as well as clear instructions for how to cook it all.

They’ll save time and money by not roaming the grocery store and impulse purchasing food they’ll never eat. And who knows? Maybe one day the student will become the master and you’ll be coming round their place for a home cooked meal.

Get the meal kit here: Blue Apron Gift Certificate

always pan and set of four cutlery and crockery
The perfect dining set for four, for your budding dinner party host

Once you’ve armed them with the tools they need to learn how to cook, they need the cooking tools themselves. This dinner for 4 set is the perfect collection of things they need when they’re first starting to cook and host.

This set comes with the popular Always Pan, as well as a set of four plates, bowls, and glasses. The items are all stackable, making this the perfect gift for the grad who’s moving into a cramped city apartment (and is SO excited about it).

Get the dinner set here: Our Place Dinner for 4

illustration of a man and a woman with a gift amazon prime
Give the gift of free 2-day shipping

Ah, Amazon Prime student membership, is there anything better?

For years they’ve gotten a serious discount on Amazon Prime thanks to their student ID, but now that they’re not a student anymore, the membership might be above their budget.

That’s where you step in, beloved parent/aunt/older sibling. Help them ease into Adulting by taking care of their Amazon needs, because can you even remember how we ever survived without free 2 day shipping?

Gift it here: Amazon Prime Membership

sunny room with chromecast tv
Level up their first real TV with a Chromecast

They already use your Netflix password, so you might as well help them watch their favorite shows on a real TV. With the Chromecast with Google TV, they don’t have to splurge on a smart TV. They just plug this bad boy in, and any TV is transformed into a fully smart TV.

Now that they’ve graduated, you can finally give them this gift without the fear that they’ll marathon all their shows instead of doing homework.

Get it here: Chromecast with Google TV 4k Snow

Away carry on suitcase and a small backpack
Help them travel with ease with the Away carry on suitcase

They grow so fast, don’t they? It feels like just yesterday when your favorite grad was eating ramen and carrying a ratty suitcase filled with dirty clothes for someone else to wash. Soon enough they’ll be traveling for business and fun, and now you can help them do just that in style.

The Away carry-on suitcase is durable and beautiful to look at. Most importantly, it’ll last forever and help them keep organized when they travel.

Get the luggage here: Away Carry-On

High Vibrational Beauty book on a table with a matcha whisk and crystals
Help them avoid burnout with the High Vibrational Beauty self care book

Now that they’ve graduated, your loved one is about to discover the dark side of adult life – burnout.

High Vibrational Beauty is filled with self-care routines and rituals that they can do every day (or once a month, let’s be realistic). Now you can be the hero that helps them avoid burnout before it occurs.

Get the self-care book here: High Vibrational Beauty: Recipes & Rituals for Radical Self-Care

Oh the places they’ll go! With these 6 Graduation Gifts, they’ll be empowered to go to bigger and better places, and look stylish while they’re doing it. You may just be their new favorite adult.

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