A Wine Lover’s Gift Guide

Did you know that some people have a fear of wine? Yup, you read that correctly. We’re not talking about the fear of running out of wine (what most of us have), but an actual fear of the cherished grapes themselves.

The word oenophobia comes from the Greek word “oenos,” which means wine.

For those who delight and rejoice in the fermented nectar of grapes galore, fear not. You have oenophilia—you philia (Greek for the word love) oenos. Read on to this wine lover’s gift guide...if you or those you drink an d be merry with fall into this category of connoisseur.


The collection of minimalist wine racks from Anthropologie are perfect for the wino who seeks simplicity with a touch of sophistication. You can choose from tabletop displays, wall-mounted, or hanging versions with prices ranging from $38 to $188. Here are some of the favorite prospects:

Choose Elegance: The Astrea Wine Rack ($98 and holds three bottles) is made from brass and shaped like a tall, sophisticated tower. The gold-leaf decor feature gives it a sense of richness without being too gaudy.

Choose Strength: The Geometric Wine Rack ($88 and holds eight bottles) is made from iron and can stand horizontally or vertically, depending on your spatial requirements. It’s very structured yet artistic and interpretive.

Choose Texture: The Mateo Woven Wine Rack ($48 and holds five bottles) is handwoven from natural jute (a long, soft, and shiny fiber spun into coarse, strong threads). Hang it from a nail and enjoy the fun tassels that dangle below.


There are quite a few incorrect ways to hold a wine glass, all of which end up affecting the temperature of your vino while it’s sitting in its serving vessel. Rule of thumb: if it has a stem, hold it by the stem. If it’s stemless, hold it by the base.

To make things more obvious for your hands, the Modena Sculpted Wine Glasses (a set of four 9 oz glasses for $34.95) and the Amorosa Aerating Wine Glasses (a pair of 8 oz glasses for $24.95) from Home Wet Bar leave absolutely no room for interpretation. Literally.

Both sets of wine ware are crafted from hand-blown glass and feature an easy-grip design for comfortable finger placement. Additionally, the sleek curves allow for your vino to aerate as its being poured. Functional, stylish, and dishwasher safe!


As far as wine bottle openers go, this worth-it-for-the-price Vintners Standing Wine Opener from Pottery Barn is seriously cool. This device was made for winos with an inclination toward design, spirit, and all-encompassing experience.

This opener is vintage-inspired, heavy, and looks like it belongs in the secret backroom at an old family vineyard. Or somewhere in a Lord of the Rings saloon. Or at the home of a blacksmith. It weighs 21 pounds, stands 26.5 inches tall, and costs $299.

This gorgeous opener is made of steel and finished in bronze, while the handle is solid rubberwood. Simply place the bottle of wine on the tabletop tray, and it’ll stay in place for uncorking.


It’s never just about the wine alone, or just the cheese, or the breadsticks and olives. If you’re going to do it, do it right, do it totally, do it abundantly! The whole shebang, the complete picture, all the acutramone. You get the picture.

The French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler from Crate & Barrel is the ideal centerpiece for a simple afternoon snack with friends and family, featuring wine - of course. What makes this piece perfect for keeping a wine bottle utterly chilled? The natural properties of marble help keep cool whatever sits inside it. The cooler is classy, chic, and makes a statement.

For $29.95, it stands a proud 7 inches tall and pairs perfectly with its French Kitchen family members: 2-tier server, cheese board with slicer, fruit bowl, mortar and pestle, and rectangle tray.


And now, wine tasting from home from the experts at Pour, swirl, sniff, bottoms up.


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