Baby Shower Gifts - Useful + Stylish

The thing about baby showers is that they seem to come in waves, and after your fourth baby shower you start to run out of gift ideas.

That’s why we’re here to give you some unique and useful baby shower gifts that parents-to-be will love!

The trick to the perfect baby shower gift is balancing usefulness with something special. Babies and new parents have many needs, and there’s no room for a gift that won’t be straight up useful. On the other hand, there’s nothing fun about getting or gifting their sixth tube of diaper cream as a gift, even though they will need it (and more. So. Much. More).

New parents’ lives are completely consumed by their new baby, so an ultra thoughtful gift is one that helps the new parent, or blends in stylishly to their lives. Just because they’re covered in breast milk and snot doesn’t mean they can’t at least try and look like they’ve got their ish together.

Read on to get 6 perfect baby shower gifts for the next wave of baby showers headed your way.

This swaddle/scarf/blanket will prove to your newly parented friend that you ~get it~. Aside from providing a great photo opp, any new parent will laugh-cry at how real the message on this swaddle is, especially when their baby inevitably explosion-poops all over it. Yes that’s right, it’s a double use AND double meaning swaddle.

Besides the hilarious message, parents will love the multiple uses of this large piece of fabric. They can use it on the go to swaddle their baby, set it down for some tummy time, or use it as an oversized burp rag in a pinch.

Get the real shit here: Swaddle Scarf

How ADORABLE is that baby?!

Okay, back to the product review.

This monthly milestone blanket is the perfect gift for that new parent who’s always jealous of those Instagram-perfect mommies. This one blanket will give them weekly, and then monthly ‘Gram opportunities to show off their baby.

The best part is that this blanket is gender neutral, so you can just go ahead and buy multiples for all those future baby showers you’re going to attend.

Get the blanket here: Baby Monthly Milestone Blanket Moon

 two adorable babies wrapped in food themed swaddle. One mexican food themed swaddle with tacos and avocados, one japanese food themed swaddle with sushi

These adorable baby swaddles are a perfect example of a great baby shower gift. Any new parent needs multiple swaddles, but they’ll remember you everytime they wrap their precious baby in delicious food.

Aside from being adorably adorned in little tacos and sushi, this swaddle is made from breathable muslin that is sensitive enough for a baby’s skin, and durable for their moods, too. This swaddle is big enough to double as a car seat cover or a nursing cover. We love a multitasking gift!

Make them a foodie: Foodie Swaddle

You’ll have years to buy the baby gifts as they grow from a cute little button to a toddler monster (still cute!), but the baby shower is a perfect time to treat the mother-to-be a little.

Having a baby wreaks havoc on the body, so your mom-to-be friend will appreciate this self-care kit. As a bonus, it even comes with some care items for the baby, so your friend won’t feel guilty that she’s only pampering herself.

Get it here: New Mom & Babe Gift Set

wool booties in the shape of dumplings in a steamer shaped red box

Everyone will already want to simply eat up the cute new baby arriving, so you might as well adorn them with food.

These adorable wool booties are shaped like scrumptious dumplings, complete with chive details. As if that wasn’t cute enough, they come in a round steamer box.

It’s only fair that you order the parents-to-be some real dumplings, so they can curb their cravings.

Get the dumplings here: Little Dumpling Booties

The baby industry can get a little carried away sometimes, with parents being pressured into buying hundreds of new things. This diaper bag tote organizer transforms any tote into a diaper bag, so they don’t have to buy a new bag to carry around.

Plus, diaper bags are usually ugly, so you’ll be helping your friend stay stylish while out in the town.

Get it here: ToteSavvy Bag Organizer

While you may be sick of baby shower games after your third one, you’ll go to each one knowing that you at least showed up with the best gift ever.

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