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Sometimes gifting isn’t as simple as a singular item. What is someone supposed to do with just a bag of fancy sea salt? Don’t get us wrong. We believe in “it’s the thought that counts.” After all, Toffee + Twine’s mission revolves around thoughtful gifting!

But if you’re in the mood to go the extra mile and give someone a jam-packed gift that makes them say “omg, wow, look how much is in here!” then sit back, relax, and let these gift packs do the heavy lifting.


The thoughtfully-curated gift boxes from Gratitude Collab are packed with chic, high-end, and locally-curated goodies. Add a pop of aroma with some gorgeous flowers and feel extra good knowing that, with every gift box purchase, meals are donated hungry families, children, and the elderly. That’s why these have been dubbed, “Gifts that Give Back.”

Choose from themes like home, relaxation, baby, travel, pamper, love, dudes and on and on (these boxes are priced between $78 - $250), or customize your own sloganed, tie-dye bag and fill it with items of your choosing, starting at $100.

For fun, let’s dive into the contents of the “Brighten Your Home” solid pine keepsake box below (which, by the way, provides 50 meals to kids in the US):

  • Cheese stone from Farmhouse Pottery

  • Tea towel from Sweet Ash Goods

  • Honey water from Bee Local

  • Pink Himalayan salt from Jacobsen Salt Co.

  • Candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio

Gratitude Collab


The history of tea is long, complex, and has spanned across continents and cultures for over 5,000 years. As a beverage, it is older than coffee, wine, and beer. It has been the source of economic power and the cause of many wars.

We’re no historians but, it seems like such a contradiction! Tea represents harmony, peace, and spiritual enlightenment and is both healing and rejuvenating.

Okay, now that you’re fully caught up...Tea Forte’s premium gourmet tea gift sets are sure to impress drinkers from the novice to aficionados.

The simplest sets come with one tea blend, a porcelain cup, and a tea tray for $49. Or, you can have a full on par-tea with the $155 Ultimate Experience for 2 that includes 20 blends and the sweetest presentation of porcelain cups, white tea trays, and sugar and creamer sets that sit upon bamboo oval trays.

Teas come in either loose-leaf canisters, infusers, or are single steep and are organic, fairtrade, and (mostly) Kosher. With so many blends to choose from, here are some of our top picks: blueberry merlot, peach blossom, ginger lemongrass, mountain oolong, and everybody’s fave: matcha.

Tea Forte


 via the grill. Whether he’s a steak, chicken, kabob or grilled cheese guy, any one of Man Crate’s grilling box sets will give his mouth a reason to water.

The boxes range from $60-$100 and include everything needed for a flawless, top-to-bottom grilling experience:

  • The MEAT (feels like we needed to go all CAPS there)

  • The sauces, seasonings and/or accouterments

  • The tools to make it all happen

  • Even a towel to clean up (if he can avoid the food coma long enough to clean up)!

Even the wooden crates they come in feel manly. For grillers of all levels and just in time for a delicious summer, you gotta try Man Crates.



We don’t know when or why it happened but all of a sudden, out of nowhere, unexpectedly, for no reason whatsoever...socks became a thing. Do you recall when this happened? Anyhoo.

The Happy Socks gift boxes are an excellent way to make literally anyone smile. The only problem we’re having is having to choose at all! Gift boxes come with 2, 3, 4 or 6 pairs in all sorts of fun colors, creative patterns, and exclusive collabs like Andy Warhol, the Rolling Stones, Keith Harring, and Minecraft (these are priced a bit higher). They didn’t skimp on any details either - even the boxes themselves are thoughtful! You can have socks delivered in a pizza box, a bag of popcorn, or a volcano.

Two pairs of socks start at $26.

Happy Socks

Unique gifts are hard to come by. For happy homes, full bellies and warm feet, gift sets and packages are a sure way to make any recipient grin from ear to ear.

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