BFF Housewarming Edition

This month we’re celebrating best friends foreva, and so far we’ve given you gifts to celebrate your BFF’s birthday and their new career moves. Once they’ve got their fancy new job it’s time for them to move into a new place, whether they’re finally buying their dream home or landing in yet another upgraded rental.

Housewarming gifts are tons of fun to give, because you get to see them in use or on display every time you walk into their home. That is, if you get the right gift. Avoid the wrapping stage being the last time you see your gift.

So what makes a great housewarming gift? These presents are the ultimate balance between fun and practicality. The optimum housewarming gift is an item that they do need, but that they aren’t able to really splurge on getting the top-of-the-line prettiest version of.

It’s your time to shine when you get them an absolute staple that’ll last forever (at least of the next three rentals), AND looks great every time they use it.

Here’s 6 housewarming gifts to get your BFF, to help get you inspired:

great jones blueberry bakeware on table with a dog wearing a yellow bandana
You won’t be able to stop baking with Great Jones bakeware

Great Jones is THE place to go for drool worthy bakeware and cookware. Not only do they win at the aesthetic game, but all of their products are made with the kind of quality that’s meant to last generations. Now when your grandma complains that they “don’t make ‘em like they used to” you can bust out these beauties and prove her wrong.

The Fully Baked set is the perfect housewarming gift because it provides the “starting from scratch” baker with everything they need to get started. And because Great Jones is NYC based, you know that they take small apartments into account when designing their products.

Get the set here: Great Jones Fully Baked Set

money tree plant in a terra cotta planter on a white table
Help them manifest riches with this Money Tree houseplant

Houseplants are a classic housewarming gift, and for good reason: You’re literally helping them grow in their house.

This easy to care for Money Tree Plant is said to bring good fortune to the homeowner, and by good fortune we’re talking about what doesn’t grow on trees… money. And if your BFF just bought a house then they’ll probably need all the “good fortune” they can get, to keep up with repairs and furnishing. Not your problem! You just bring the plant and crash on their couch every once in a while.

Get the plant here: The Sill Money Tree Plant

antique wood coffee grinder with coffee beans
This Antique Coffee Mill will help them get their grind on in style

Okay, listen up. That one complete coffee snob of a friend you have? Look no further, because this Antique Manual Coffee Mill is the PERFECT gift for them.

That’s right – no more, “well, actually I prefer…” They’ll literally drool over this bean grinding beauty. Sure, they’ll probably use a regular coffee grinder to get the job done, but they’ll LOVE pretending that they lovingly grinded each bean by hand with this antique beauty.

Are you a pretentious-enabler if you buy them this gift? Maybe, but all is forgiven when they make you that first cup of joe.

Get the grinder here: Peugeot Antique Manual Coffee Mill

multi colored mason jars with herbs growing out of them housewarming gift
Make sure they get their greens in with this Mason Jar Herb Garden

So you’ve got a friend who loves to try planting things, but bless them, they don’t have a green thumb? Yup, you guessed it – we’ve got a gift just for them.

This Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden is a self-contained system that will have your BFF growing tasty herbs in no time. All they have to do is fill the jars with water once and plop them on a sunny windowsill. Think they can manage? Doesn’t matter – they’ll definitely have fun trying, and if it doesn’t work then they’ll have beautiful mason jars to use.

Get the garden here: Uncommon Goods Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

large glass water dispenser filled with water and lemon slices on a wooden base
Keep the dinner party hydrated with this drink dispenser from West Elm

Does your BFF love hosting dinner parties? No matter how many beautiful napkins and quaint mis-matching plates they have, this Drink Dispenser is bound to be the thing they’re missing.

This huge drink dispenser can keep the whole dinner party hydrated all night long, so they don’t have to get up every half hour to fill up on more water (or even worse, ask you to do it). It’s one of those splurge items that seem so unnecessary, until you’ve hosted a few parties yourself and then you can’t imagine a dinner party without it.

Water’s not the only drink this beauty can hold, if ya know what I mean.

Quench the party here: West Elm Pure Drink Dispenser

slate grey and white compost bins on wooden table housewarming gift
Help them go green with these stylish compost bins

We all have that one friend who tries their darndest to be eco-friendly, but let’s be honest… they’re sort of lazy about it. They need help. Well here you are, helping them.

These super stylish compost bins from West Elm will evaporate any excuse they have about why they haven’t started composting yet. It’s beautiful enough to sit on the counters of their brand new kitchen reno, and it’s small enough that it won’t stink up the place.

Pat yourself on the back for helping one more household go green.

Get the compost bins: West Elm Portable Compost Bins

Any one of these housewarming gifts will ensure BFF status for at least another ten years, so get shopping! And if you end up buying multiples for yourself, well, we won’t judge.

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