Black-Owned Businesses

This past week we’ve seen: tragedy turned into possibility; sadness turned into hope; ignorance turned into knowledge. Rather than using more words for the sake of words, we thought we’d discuss the subject in the way we know best: through GIFTS! Here are a few black-owned businesses that we can’t stop fawning over (and think you definitely need to know about and more importantly, support):


There’s a real poeticism to the jewelry from NÜN (pronounced like the time of day: noon), a line inspired by the movement of the sun’s light within space and around the human body. In addition to their bold statement rings, bracelets, and necklaces, they sell a piece called the finger shield. It rests gently below the bed of the fingernail and is designed to replicate armor for the hand - a sensitive, vulnerable, and particularly feminine part of a woman’s body. It comes in brass ($55), sterling silver ($85), and if you’ve got any Amazon warrior in you, 10K gold ($230). We’re kind of obsessed with this one-of-a-kind line.

Nun Jewelry


Chakras and crystals are no longer reserved for psychics, spas, and your odd Aunt who you only see at Thanksgiving. The duo behind Soulful Vibes Co. (Sunny Brooks and TJ) believe that peace and positivity is a lifestyle, and even more impressive than their affordable and high-quality product offering is their authentic intention to educate others on the art of healing through spiritual and metaphysical products and services. Shop by product (crystals range from $3-$6, candles range from $2-$25, and a scoop of herbs costs $3) or choose an object by intention. Our favorite intentions, and the spiritual “tools” suggested, include:

  • Ancestors: Tobacco Spiritual Water + Ancestor Blessed Herbal Candle

  • Meditation: Dragon’s Blood Sage + Singing Bowl

  • Money: Root Chakra Candle + Gold $100 Bill

  • Self-love: Forgiveness & Crystal Healing Set + Goddess Affirmation Candle

From our soul to yours, we highly suggest a deep dive into their website.

Soulful Vibes


A cup of coffee isn’t just beans soaked in hot water. If you’re coffee devotees like us, you understand exactly what we mean. That’s why we’re loving Reveille Trading Company, a true farm-to-cup coffee organization. By 1) cutting out the many middlemen between grower and whoever ends up selling you a cup and 2) building trusting relationships with coffee farmers all over the world (Honduras, Jamaica, Peru, and Mexico), Reveille sources the best quality beans while ensuring the farmers earn their full wages. Bags range from $10 to $23, and their merch ain’t bad either! Wink, wink - we love a tee and mug just as much as the next coffee snob!

Reveille Trading Company


MIITRA may be selling scarves, but we’re feeling way more than just a piece of fabric from these 100% silk, Italian-printed, USA-designed beauties...more like a whole lot of positive, inspirational, and empowering vibes. The less than 6-month old company sells only three designs (titled “Dawn,” “Liberation,” and “Proverbs” - check out their website for the message behind each name) which can be worn in countless ways: like a bandana, as a belt, as a headband or head wrap, a tube top, even as purse or shoe accessory. Why rephrase it when MIITRA says it best: Wear Your Pride. At $155 per scarf, know that you’re investing in exceptional quality and fashion with a purpose.

Miitra Studio

Bye-bye quarantine savings (and we’re not that upset about it).

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