Celebrate Your BFF’s Career Moves!

You’ve helped them practice their interview questions over and over, you’ve listened to them as they’ve vented their frustrations about their job, and now…. Congrats! Your best friend just got a promotion or new job they’ve been pining over.

Promotion and new job gifts can take a few different forms. You could get them something that they absolutely need, like luxe office supplies. Another option is getting them something that’s only tangentially related to work, but that they’ll enjoy outside of work too (like a new watch). Or you could just focus on celebrating this new win with them, and get them the celebration classics – champagne, balloons, fun snacks and more.

If you want to give your bestie a little something to congratulate them on their new career move, you’re in the right place. We’ve put together a guide of 6 gifts to celebrate your best friend’s career.

For the work at home queen (the essentials):

light wood office organizer holds phone headphones watches
Never lose your phone again with this office docking station

This one’s for your friend who finally landed their dream remote position, but always seems to misplace their phone. This attractive docking station will not only look gorgeous on their desk, but it will help them keep everything they need at arm’s length.

This station features dedicated cutouts for watch chargers, phone chargers, and headphones, in addition to magnets for displaying photos (of your BFF, obvs!), and a place to put all the small things that seem to always clutter a desk.

Organize their desk: Wood Docking Station

classic fountain pen with gold and silver nub
This Fountain Pen is perfect for your bestie that’s into the finer things in life

Your totally bougie friend? This is the gift for them. This Dryden Fountain Pen has the classic look of a vintage pen, without paying the museum price.

And just in case your bestie will actually use it, instead of just displaying it on their desk as the ultimate power move… Here's some stats: This pen touts being handmade from bamboo for a glide that doesn’t blotch or skip across the page. It also includes an extra ink cartridge, so they won’t run out of ink once they finally get used to writing with the pen.

Now if only you could convince them to use the pen to finally profess their love to their love interest…

Get the pen here: Dryden Fountain Pen

For the business class hero (for life and work):

woman carrying monogrammed travel luggage business class
Frequent flyer doesn’t mean compromising on style

This beautiful carry-on luggage set is for that friend who tries to pretend they’re not super excited every time they’re asked to travel for work. You know, the one who not-so-casually mentions how they “hopped to Paris in business class last month.”

Now they can get giddy over flying business in style, with this monogrammed luggage set. The suitcase is lightweight, so there’s more room for everything they’ll need, and it’s detailed in genuine leather. Fancy!

Get the luggage here: Mark and Graham Terminal 1 Carry On Luggage

ember warming travel mug work gift
When boiling hot is the only acceptable coffee temperature, turn to the Ember Mug

Friends who help friends stay caffeinated stick together. And we all have that one friend who only drinks their coffee/tea if it’s boiling hot. The Ember Travel Mug uses fancy technology to actively keep liquids warm. Just think of it as a mini kettle.

You can adjust the temperature right on the mug itself, or on an app if you’re feeling particularly techy. The battery lasts for three hours (of continuous heating), and the mug comes with a convenient coasting charger.

Yeah… you might as well pick one up for yourself while you’re at it.

Get caffeinated: Ember Travel Mug 2

For the center of attention (celebration gifts):

candle with text look at you getting promoted and sh*t promotion gift
Can you smell the success?

Why say it with words when you can say it with a candle? We think every greeting card should be a candle instead. This promotion candle will help them relive the joy of getting that sweet, sweet promotion every time they look at this candle on their desk.

You can get an uncensored version of the candle if you’re feeling particularly feisty, and it comes in over 20 scrumptious sounding scents like “Banana Cream Pie” or “Cozy Blanket”.

Get the candle here: Promotion Candle

promotion gift box with confetti
Nothing says congrats like opening a box of surprises

Everyone loves to open a box full of goodies, and this Promotion Gift Box is exactly that. It comes with a ceramic mug, a delicious mug cake, some chocolate (of course), and champagne-shaped bubbles. In short, everything you need for a celebration.

This is the perfect gift to send if you’re far away from your BFF. They’ll ship it anywhere, and even have rush order options.

Send the congrats package here: Promotion Gift Box

Make sure you bookmark this post – as your friend continues to climb the ladder you’ll need a gift for the next promotion.

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