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Has anyone else been feeling seriously inspired by spring?

There’s something about the flowers blooming, the birds chirping (sometimes way too early in the morning) and the air warming that has us itching to stretch our creative muscles.

It’s always a good time to start a new hobby and be creative, and especially when you’re feeling inspired.

It can also be overwhelming to start something new. From “I want to learn to knit” to the point where you’re actually knitting… it’s a lot. What kinds of yarn should you use? Do you really need all of these supplies? How do you even knit?

Subscription boxes are the best way to try out a new creative hobby, because they provide clear instructions, and a small project with just the supplies you need to see it through to the end. Plus, your skills are sure to get better as the months go on, as the monthly boxes give you a steady stream of practice. The monthly bill gives you that extra bit of incentive to cultivate your creativity, instead of abandoning your new hobby after a week.

Creative subscription boxes are also some of the best gifts you can get. The monthly boxes can help your loved one harness their creativity and discover new skills. The bonus is that they’ll probably regift you some of the beautiful things that they create. It’s a gift that keeps giving, which is our favorite kind of gift.

We know you’re itching to start crafting, so here’s 5 subscription boxes for your creative growth.

handmade paper pamphlet on a wood table with jaguar figurine
Discover your new hobbies with the Crafter’s Box

The Crafter’s Box is the ultimate box to give that friend who seems to dive into a new hobby every week.

Each month focuses on a new craft, and features a Maker who’s a master of that craft. They send over all of the supplies you need to complete the featured project, as well as an invitation to a workshop where the Maker guides you step-by-step through the project. The video is on demand, so you can pause and rewind as you inevitably stumble through the steps.

The Crafter’s Box is exceptional in that they focus on interesting and visually pleasing crafts (this month is all about handmade paper!), as well as supporting small businesses and Makers that continue to keep these crafts alive.

Get crafting: The Crafter’s Box

Scribbler subscription box with three books on table with blankets
Hone your writing skills with the Scribblers Subscription Box

Scribblers is a subscription box made by writers, for writers. Scribblers believes that you (yes, you!) have what it takes to become a published author, and their highly curated boxes provide everything you need to get there.

Each box centers on a theme that’s important to crafting a story, whether it be character arcs, suspense, or plot development. A contemporary book that exemplifies that theme is included in each box, along with a “writing passport” – a booklet that gives useful advice to take your writing to the next level.

Also included is a monthly chat with a professional in the publishing industry to shed light on best practices and advice on getting published. In addition to the serious stuff is a medley of seriously delightful book-ish treats, pins, stickers and more.

Get writing: Scribblers Subscription Box for Writers

homemade kombucha in a large glass tumbler with half a lemon and tea leaves
Craft the sustainable way with the Grow and Make Box

The Grow and Make Box takes a different approach to DIY subscription boxes. They focus on sustainability, and helping people learn to use the products around them to make delicious treats and body care products.

Each box gives you the opportunity to create an all natural item, whether it be something you can eat, or something that makes you smell nice. Past boxes have included DIY sugar scrubs, a DIY kombucha kit, and a hot sauce kit.

You’ll be so wowed by the awesome things you create that you’ll be tempted to make all your products out of things that grow from your garden. And that’s the point.

Go grow and make: Grow and Make Subscription Box

bundles of colorful yarn spilling out of a box
The Knit-Wise box is the perfect starting point for knitting

Remember we talked about that hypothetical knitting project earlier on? Here’s the solution.

The Knit-Wise box will send you a project to sink your teeth into. Each month includes the yarn that you’ll need, the patterns, and most importantly, the other supplies you’ll need, because you’re not about to leave the house just to stop by Michael’s.

All of the projects are super chic, so you won’t be left with a lumpy sweater that your grandmother made and you only take out once a year when you go to visit her.

Get knitting: Knit Wise Box

various markers and pen on table paletteful packs subscription box
Express yourself on paper with Paletteful Packs

Paletteful Packs is the perfect subscription box if you or your loved one is already serious about art, and is always after the best quality.

Their monthly boxes are curated by artists, and feature 5-6 full sized art supplies. Whether it’s pens, brushes, or paints, Paletteful Packs only puts the best quality supplies in their boxes.

Each month focuses around a different medium or technique, but they all focus on 2D art, like sketching or painting.

With good quality supplies, the person you gift this box to will have no excuse for not gifting you back a beautiful piece of art.

Get the box here: Paletteful Packs

Remember, spring is a time for growth and trying new things. Let your creativity blossom with these creative subscription boxes.

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