Best Gifts to Stock Up On So You’re Never Empty-Handed

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Vanilla-scented? Votive? Decorative? The candle world is your oyster! A nice, stylish candle can be a great gift because they instantly change the mood of the room when lit. Also, a lot of companies sell their candles in fun, artsy packaging and branding, which makes the last-minute gift look like something you spent time finding just for the occasion.

Picture Frames

Picture frames make any room more homey and familial. Get a couple frames with different:

  • Sizes: 4x6 and 5x7 are standard and leave the recipient with options on where to put them.

  • Materials: Wood or any of the precious metals mean instant style.

  • Colors: Black is classic, though even basic colors add a little pop to any room.

Having a few different frames ready to go means you’ll have the right one for every occasion and recipient’s style.


Funky pens, artsy notebooks, and vintage to-do lists all blend practicality with creativity. Buying a few of each in various styles mean you’ll have the right last-minute gift, no matter the recipient’s preferences.

These help celebrate the accomplishments of recent grads, friends and family who just started a business, and even those who just got the job of a lifetime!

Needing a last-minute gift is part of adulting, but take the stress out of it by keeping a few simple items around the house that you can quickly wrap up and bring with just a moment’s notice.

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