Elevate Your Summer Dinner Party

Who doesn’t love a dinner party? Especially in the summer months, when you can choose to eat al fresco (that means outside), dinner parties become an almost weekly occurrence.

You’ve been to some pretty fab dinner parties, and now it’s your time to host. You’ve got the menu all sorted out, and you’ve even got some craft drinks up your sleeves for your guest.

But here’s a bit of real talk: An exceptional dinner party is all about the ~vibes~, and that means it’s equally important to have a beautiful table as it is to have scrumptious food.

So what makes an impressive table?

You need a theme, or at least a primary color scheme to work off of. Then it’s all about ensuring that every part of the table – from the napkins to the plates – matches that theme. We’re using the word “matching” liberally here. Your table shouldn’t be one block of the same color, but everything should be complementary.

Sound like a lot? Never fear! We’ve put together a guide of 6 gorgeous items that’ll help you put together the most fabulous table. From small pieces to build off of to complete sets, these 6 gifts will elevate your next summer dinner party.

Already got your tablescape game down? Jealous. Pass the talent around by gifting these gorgeous pieces to a friend who you know could use a little help.

If true love could be embodied in a dinnerware set, this Sicily Outdoor set would be it for us. We’ll be honeymooning in Sicily, btw.

These striking designs are based on Sicilian maiolica ceramics, but luckily for clumsy hosts everywhere, these plates are made from scratch-resistant and shatterproof melamine, making it the perfect outdoor dining set.

Transport your guests to the breezy mediterranean, with the scent of lemons in the air. Because lemons are a motif in this set, you could artfully arrange some real lemons on the table. Pair the colorful set with a cream colored linen tablecloth to really make the colors pop.

Get the set here: Sicily Outdoor Melamine Dinnerware

If you have a beautiful table, you might not want to cover it with a whole tablecloth, but your table still needs something to look put together.

This Palm Table Runner is the perfect piece to bring a little interest to your already beautiful table. The blue and green palm motif serves as a strong theme, and can be paired with green and blue glass plates.

If you’re going for a tropical vibe then keep all the pieces on the table nice and light, and let the table runner really shine.

Get the tropic vibes here: Banana Leaf Palm Table Runner

If you’re not a matchy-matchy kind of host, then this dinnerware set is perfect for you. The striking designs are a collaboration between British-Israeli chef Yotam Ottolenghi, and designer Serax.

This set includes plates and bowls of all different shapes and sizes, so you can either choose key pieces, or buy the whole set and let your guests decide where to sit according to what plate they like best. Because the plates are different colors, serve them on either a neutral tablecloth, or choose one of the colors for the tablecloth. We personally love the mustard yellow.

Get it here: Feast Dinnerware by Yotam Ottolenghi

So you’ve got plates and bowls and large serving platters, but it’s important not to forget the little things. If you’re serving olives, nuts, or even condiments, you want to make sure you’re serving them in something equally as beautiful as everything else on the table.

These Moroccan Glazed Bowls are the perfect size to house the little things for the table, and the silver rims will instantly elevate your whole table. Because these bowls hail from Morocco, try pairing them with a mediterranean inspired tablescape. Match the silver rim with other silver touches, like matching silverware or even silver colored plate chargers.

Verve Culture brings delightful gifts from around the world by paying artisans directly to produce these delights, so you can feel good about supporting cultural traditions directly when you buy these bowls.

Get the bowls here: Beldi Silver Rimmed Bowls

If this list has all been a bit too colorful for you, then your minimalist heart will truly covet these gorgeous potter dinner sets from East Fork.

All of the pieces are handmade in Asheville, North Carolina, so each one turns out just a little bit different. What remains the same is impeccable minimalist design, and neutral colors. Keep the earthy theme going with a terracotta or cream tablecloth, and some burlap accents.

Get the full set here: 7-Piece Pottery Dinner Set

We’ve all heard of farm to table, but have you heard of oven to table? Well you’re looking at it right now.

This Staub cast iron dish is sturdy enough to go into the oven, and beautiful enough to be the centerpiece of your table.

Just do us a favor? Don’t serve something in it that CLEARLY couldn’t be made in it. No one makes tacos in a cast iron gratin dish! Ahem.

This handsome deep blue color will go with most tablescapes, but will look especially attractive as the centerpiece of any fish/seafood themed dinner. You know, because there’s a fish on it.

Get it here: Staub Cast Iron Gratin Dish

With a beautiful table and delicious food, most of your work as a host is done, so remember to enjoy yourself! We can’t wait to see what beautiful tables you create. Tag us @toffeeandtwine to share the beauty.

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