Five DIY Essentials For The Holidays

Even presents need to accessorize which is why many people opt to make their own gift wrap during the holiday season. If you already have some things around the house, it can be very budget friendly. And even if you don’t, most DIY tutorials are designed to be done on the cheap.

We believe that how your gift is presented means just as much as what is inside. It adds another level of personalization and really gives you the opportunity to be creative.

Here are 5 essential DIY supplies that will take your gifts to the next level!

Butcher Paper

Butcher paper is the perfect canvas to get creative if you want or to give a warm and cozy look if you prefer to keep it simple.

Holiday Inspired Washi Tape

This is a great item to have in your craft box no matter the time of year. You could use it to dress up your holiday card or give your gift some extra flair when clear tape doesn’t suffice.

Bakers Twine

So this candy cane striping is already adorable, but if red isn’t your vibe than it comes in other colors too such as gold and silver. This twine gives any treat a special homemade look with ease. Find it and other colors at Target.

Paint Pens

If you want to get crafty with the butcher paper or try your hand at making personalized gift tags then these paint pens are the way to go.


If your family can’t sit still for a holiday photo or they are scattered around the globe living their best lives, than go for a DIY Holiday card. Using a heavy cardstock like the one pictured here gives it that Hallmark feel without the Hallmark price. And it is even more special because YOU made it!

Happy Holidays from us to you! Merry Gifting!

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