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We will say with fervent sureness that everybody - and we mean everybody - loves flowers! They seem to speak on our behalf. With their bold colors and decadent fragrances, they declare:

I love you. I’m sorry. Congratulations. You’re beautiful. Get well. Thinking of you.

The list goes on and on. Below you’ll find our picks for flower and flower-like businesses we’re diggin’ these days - and they deliver! (You can’t hold us down COVID!)


BloomsyBox is a “farm-to-table” subscription service that delivers abundant bouquets directly to your front door! Their eco-friendly flowers, which are hand-picked from Rainforest Alliance certified farms (no toxic chemicals involved in fertilization) in South Africa, Holland, France, South America, and California, are delivered nationwide within 2 days - ensuring you receive the purest petals on the planet.

Monthly plans range from $39.99 to $54.99...though the longer we stay at home, we’re thinking that weekly deliveries would be a much brighter choice! Receive them once a week for $44.99 or bi-weekly for only $5 more. Furthermore, free shipping! (Yahoo!)

You cannot choose which flowers come in the box, but being surprised half the fun - am I right?! No matter what shows up, these hand-tied bouquets of beautiful roses, delightful daisies, cheerful sunflowers, graceful calla lilies, and/or classic orchids will beautify your home, office...or WFH office!



Perhaps your significant other lives in another country? Or perchance, you’re stuck on either side of closed borders (thanks, pandemic). Don’t let the distance distract from your love because Flora Queen’s got you covered.

Flora Queen’s network of export local florists ensures same or next day delivery of beautiful blossoms to over 100 countries, from Argentina to Uzbekistan.

Simply fill out the city or country of delivery, delivery date, occasion, and flower preferences, and you’ll be presented with numerous appealing arrangements to choose from - perfect for budgets of every size.

Their most popular picks are called Ice Cream (Chrysanthemums and Roses) for $79.90, Subtle Freshness (Lillies and Roses) for $84.90, and “Never-Ending Love” (12 roses) for $99.

P.S. They also sell orchids. Pink ones and cream tigers and white ones - oh my!

Flora Queen


The header says it all. Succulents have grown in popularity over the last say, decade or so, and we don’t see any signs of this trend slowing down!

Have you turned your home into a greenhouse during quarantine? Perfect. These gorgeous plants are so gosh-darn charming and a piece of cake to take care of.

Grown in Los Angeles, the succulent gardens from Lula’s Garden are hand-planted in a gift box that doubles as the planter! We love the earthy-but-modern vibe of this company, which also donates to organizations around the world that provide access to safe water.

Shop their collection of Petite gardens (one succulent starting at $27, a duo for $52, or trio for $72), or choose either the Original or Deluxe gardens, which showcase either 3 small or 3 medium-sized succulents. You can even customize the sleeve, the box, or add a custom label or bookmark-shaped card insert!

Check out their website for succulent care instructions, including the watering schedule (let’s be honest - this is where the majority of us mess up), optimal placement in terms of sunlight and temperature, and re-potting directions (for when your garden grows too large for the box).

On that note...can someone please re-plant me to, let’s say, a beachfront villa? K, thanks.

Lula’s Garden


Did you ever dry flowers as a kid? Press them in a book, hang them upside down from a door frame, nail them to the wall...

...the team from Popup Florist is killing it with their dried flower bundles!

Choose from pampas grass (choose from natural, bleached, or pink), dried daisies and sage or strawflower, caspia, and statice (yes, we also had to Google those last two).

These unique flower alternatives make great - and lasting - gifts! Bundles go for $50 for the small size and $80 for the large.

If you’re more of a sentimental type, you can “send flowers” with their Pressed Flower Cards - one card for $20 or $50 for a set of 5. The cards are printed on linen paper and feature perfectly pressed flowers on the outside with a customized calligraphy message on the inside.

Last but not least...for the DIYers among us, they also sell a pressed flower frame kit for $95. Who’s up for a ZOOM flower arranging party!?

The Popup Florist

Stop what you’re doing right now and think of someone you haven’t spoken to since before COVID. Okay, good. Go send them some flowers. Make their day (and buy some for yourself while you’re at it).

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