Gifts for a Future That is Female

We’re continuing our month of Gifts that Give Back with gifts that ensure a bright future for women around the world.

Last Monday was International Women’s Day, which is all about celebrating women, and supporting women’s rights to lead safe and fulfilled lives across the globe.

This week we’re spotlighting five gifts from five organizations that contribute to this mission.

Three of the organizations we’re supporting this week specifically give back to women who are victims of human trafficking, so we wanted to take a moment to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Human trafficking and sexual exploitation effects women around the world – from U.S cities to countries in every single continent. Women and girls are disproportionately targeted for human trafficking, accounting for 71% of victims (Source).

Human trafficking isn’t just something we see in the movies happening in places far away – it happens in our own backyard too. And the more we stay silent about human trafficking, the easier it is for traffickers to continue to exploit women. That’s why we chose to highlight these amazing organizations that help women who are victims of trafficking find a way out.

So without further ado, here’s five gifts that contribute to a future that is female.

Purpose Jewelry creates one of a kind pieces that are all handcrafted by women escaping human trafficking. 100% of all proceeds goes towards International Sanctuary, their non-profit that provides artisans with fair waves, education and holistic care.

This gorgeous necklace is made with hammered brass for a timeless look that patinas beautifully. Pair it with some wardrobe staples to truly let it shine.

Get the necklace here: Prima Necklace

Thistle Farms is a non-profit organization based in Nashville, Tennessee that provides sanctuary to women who are victims of trafficking, abuse, prostitution and addiction. The farm provides a judgement-free safe place to live, a meaningful job, and sisterhood.

Thistle Farm lights a candle each day to women around the world who are victims of trafficking, and all candles are hand-crafted by their artisans.

Be part of the tradition that lights a candle for women in the dark, with this calm and inspiring candle.

Get the candle: Calm Candle

The Starfish Project helps women who are victims of human trafficking in Asia experience freedom, develop careers, and establish independence.

This gold and turquoise ring is adjustable, so there’s no need to try and guess what your ring size is. The Starfish Project believes in the transformative power of an encouraging word, and the honeycomb pattern represents how words can be as sweet and as healing as honey.

Get the ring here: Kady Turquoise Gold Ring

Bird and Stone is a women-owned organization that supports multiple organizations that support women. When you shop at Bird and Stone you’re directly supporting organizations that are making a difference in the world.

The Future is Female cuff is Bird and Stone’s partnership with Planned Parenthood. 10% of the proceeds of your purchase goes directly to Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood provides free and low-cost healthcare to women, and gives women the freedom to make their own reproductive choices.

Get the cuff here: The Future is Female Cuff

Crafting AND supporting female empowerment? Sign us up.

Akola provides job opportunities to Ugandan women through vertically-integrated manufacturing. Akola’s vision is to create a female empowered workforce that is a significant contributor to Africa’s economic development. All of their products are hand-crafted, using locally sourced materials.

This DIY Bracelet Kit is the ultimate gift for the crafter in your life. It includes gorgeous Karatisi beads, raffia tassels and cords for making bracelets. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a gift of a bracelet in return!

Get the kit here: Karatasi DIY Bracelet Kit

Support a future that is fierce and female by gifting any of these thoughtful gifts. Feel free to explore each organization’s shop more, and get gifts for the whole crew.

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