Gifts for Him!

If you even think about giving dad (brother, uncle, grandpa) another pair of socks, a tie, or any more BBQ paraphernalia, then we need to sit down and have a little chit chat. This Father’s Day, treat that hunk and hero in your life to something fragrant, therapeutic, delicious, or hilarious. Read on to see our recommendations for each:

Something fragrant:


We’re wayyy past the days of men who are too “manly” to use great soap. In fact, the team at Dr. Squatch is saying to all men: FEEL like a man, SMELL like a champion!

Their handmade, organic soaps (and colognes, beard oils, and shaving creams + accouterments) are changing the way men approach hygiene entirely.

Handmade in the US from natural skin-nourishing plant oils and other non-chemical ingredients, soap bars start at $7 and come in suitably-named scents like Pine Tar, Crisp IPA, Cold Brew Cleanse, and Spearmint Basil.

Don’t know what scent is right for your man? No need to guess! Take an 8-question quiz to determine what scents match his lifestyle. Head to Dr. Sqautch’s website to shop for individual products, bundles, and subscriptions - plus, you’ll discover the story behind their illustrious company name!

Dr. Squatch

Something therapeutic:


You may know Theragun as the company that sells that futuristic, hand-held, chiropractic massage device in only a few colors and for a good chunk of change. Well, not only has

Theragun expanded its mission with a name change (hello, TheraBody - a total wellness journey), it also revealed a brand new device that is guaranteed to delight any dad, from the superactive to the one who prefers some peace and quiet (but not at the expense of his muscles)!

The pocket-sized “mini” costs $199 and doesn’t sacrifice any punch even with its smaller stature. Embedded with QuietForce Technology means that, even on full speed (it has 3 settings), it’s only as loud as an electric toothbrush.

The best part about this gift is...he can use it on you, too!


Something delicious:


This story begins where most important tales begin: with a man, some honey, a few chili peppers, and a pizza.

Ten years ago, Mike of Mike’s Hot Honey discovered that honey infused with chili peppers was a mouth-watering, unique flavor profile - and he never looked back.

Drizzle it all over chicken and waffles, add it to a cocktail, or pour it on a slice of pizza - afterall, the pizza pie was this condiment’s first love.

Individual bottles range from $9.99 to $17.99, or you can buy 24-single packets for $19.99 (for the hot honey on the go), a 24-case of mini jars for $79.99 (for all the dudes in your life), or if you think he may want to swim in it (we won’t judge), the 1-gallon jug goes for $118.99.

So, here’s the plan: check out their website for recipes, and when he goes “Oh, my, god, what’s this honey on my brussel sprouts?,” you’ll whip out a brand new jar - just for him.

Mike's Hot Honey

Something hilarious:


2020 has been...well, yah. So, if you’re not completely psyched for Father’s Day gift shopping, we understand. That’s why the cards from Lovepop are just right: minimal effort for a totally happy dad.

Backing up for just a sec - the company was founded on the idea that unexpected, deeply personal, and real expressions to and from our loved ones are the most penetrating.

Roll all that heartfelt goodness up into a greeting card and there you have it - Lovepop Cards.

The Father’s Day-inspired cards cost either $13 or $15 and come in a theme to cover every man personality, from the usual suspects (camping, baseball, beer, and a toolbox) to the more obscure (Darth Vader, a dog on a surfboard, Game of Thrones, and a pirate ship). If you’d like to show some love to the multiple men in your life, buy 5 cards for $50.


We love men in all their forms, personalities, and lengths of beards - and will leave you with one suggestion. Google: men and puppies. You’re welcome.

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