Gifts for Personal Growth

The journey to becoming our best selves is an ongoing process… and sometimes a downright struggle.

You make new year’s resolutions, take some steps towards fulfilling them, and then by February life catches up with you and you go back to old habits. #Relatable.

Spring is all about new growth, so now’s the perfect time to continue working on those goals, or help a loved one out by giving them a gift that supports their goals.

These are some of our favorite kinds of gifts, because they demonstrate to your loved one how much you listen to their desires, and how invested you are in their success. The best kinds of personal development gifts are fun, innovative, and beautiful, so the act of receiving the gift feels special, instead of stressful.

Here’s 4 Gifts for Personal Growth to help get those goals back on track.

picture of sunrise that says 5am club
Get access to thought leader ideas with Blinkist

This one’s for the person who’s always saying things like, “I wish I could wake up at 6 everyday” or “I wish I was more productive”.

Blinkist is a new and fresh approach to “self help” non-fiction. They scour all the leading non-fiction books AND podcasts to deliver bit-sized content you’re interested in. You don’t have to commit to listening to a 2 hour podcast episode, or read a book cover to cover – they take out all the good bits and present it to you in both text and audio.

Continual learning is important, and Blinkist fits learning into your life, the way you learn best.

Get learning: Blinkist Subscription

blue Heron meditation candle on a blue book
Find your inner calm with the Héron meditation candle

Life gets more stressful as the years go by, but it doesn’t mean you have to live with the stress. If your goal is to inspire a bit more calm in the world, then this Héron Meditation Candle Set is the perfect gift.

These candles are meant to be incorporated into your morning routine, and help you set intentions and find your inner calm. Rise, Radiate and Rest – yes please!

Get the set here: Héron Meditation Candle Set

collage of celebrities: alicia keyes, gordon ramsey, samuel l. Jackson, neil degrasse and natalie portman
Learn from the best how to be your best self with a MasterClass subscription

A MasterClass Subscription is the best gift for your friend who develops a new hobby or interest every few months. Whether it be writing, acting, cooking, or even gardening, the biggest names in each industry are here to teach you how to develop your craft.

All MasterClass courses are produced on a Hollywood level, and they all come with not only a healthy dose of inspiration, but some real advice and even PDF worksheets for practice and information retention.

Get learning: MasterClass Subscription

juicer being used to make almond milk
Get those 5 servings a day in with the Nama Cold Press Juicer

We all KNOW how many servings of fruits and vegetables we should be getting a day, but actually finding a way to stuff 5-13 servings of fruits and veggies in every single day… it’s a struggle.

This Nama Cold Press Juicer is here to make things easier. It’s pretty simple: Put the good stuff in, and get it in a tasty, drinkable form. This gorgeous juicer can also make smoothies and even nut milks. Now that’s value! Plus, it’s pretty enough to display with pride on your counter.

Get juicing: Nama Cold Press Juicer

Springtime means growing, so give the gift of personal growth and watch your loved ones blossom.

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