Gifts for Summer Fun

Summer is...a state of mind. Even if the season looks a little different this year, we’re still all sun rays and smiles. There are plenty of ways to enjoy ourselves under that gorgeous burning ball of gas in the sky.

So, slap on that sunscreen (the American Academy of Dermatology recommends 30 SPF or higher), take a big gulp of water (hydration is essential to prolonged fun in the sun), and set your sights on some summer-inspired gifts.


They say two things are better than one. Who’s they? That’s not important right now.

If such is true, then three things are...wayyy better than two. Cue the Frosé Mule Cocktail Kit from Crafted Taste. YES! A frozen rosé + vodka + ginger beer concoction that spells, and tastes like, summer! For $150, this kit comes with everything you need (down to the cocktail napkins) to make 12-16 drinks - and be voted the best stay-at-home-bartender on the block:

  • 750 ml bottles of Deep Eddy Vodka + Flying Solo 2016 Rosé

  • Pickett's Ginger Beer Concentrate

  • Portland Soda Works Hibiscus Cardamom Syrup

  • Sparkling Water from San Pellegrino + lime juice

  • Cocktail napkins + cocktail recipe cards!

The key to this kit isn’t merely the drink’s premium brand-name ingredients, it also comes with The Essential Bar Book. This guide, from Wine Spectator contributing editor Jennifer Fielder (IYKYK), features 150 cocktail recipes and divulges the history of some of your favorite adult beverages.

If you prefer your liquor from a higher shelf, you can spend an extra $50 for Hangar 1 Vodka plus two classic Moscow mule mugs! There’s also a mixer-only option for $100. Options, galore!

Crafted Taste


If you’re like most people, then you have a love-hate relationship with beach sand. Warm and cozy on the toes, finds its way on and into everything. Add in a wet towel and...well, you get the picture!

Our summer hero is officially the Dock & Bay towel, a quick-dry (3x faster than a normal towel), super-absorbent, lightweight, and compact beach towel that sand doesn’t stick to! Repeat: DOES NOT stick to. Sometimes micro-fiber towels can feel rough to the touch, but these babies are actually super soft and smooth against the skin.

Ranging from $16 to $25 per towel, they come some of the happiest, brightest, fun-est, summer-inspired patterns on planet Earth. Visit Dock & Bay’s website to view their Jungle, Cabana, Sway, Summer, Fruity, and Festival lines. For the beachgoer gone green, their Eco and Classic towels are made from 30% recycled materials.

What are you waiting for? Grab one, or a 3, 4, or 5-pack for the fam, now!

Dock & Bay


The beaches are open, the beaches are closed. We can’t keep up!

No problemo. You can still get your fix of summer’s favorite bikini sport. This super-easy, portable volleyball net from EasyPoint Sports can be set up literally anywhere: on the grass, on a tennis court, or over your pool!

The tripod-designed legs allow you to adjust the height of the net (i.e. shorter for pools, longer for everywhere else) and will stay put with 4 ground stakes (grass or sand only). For pool or other hard surface sets ups, we recommend using sandbags to keep this guy from flying away (it weighs under 8 lbs). Lastly, the box comes with an all-weather volleyball, inflating pump, and a carrying case. The best shops are the one-stop kinds.

Prices hover around $60 from multiple sellers through Amazon.



There’s nothing quite like cold, fresh-squeezed fruit juice on a hot summer day - especially when you wander into your backyard, pick that orange from your tree, bring it inside, wash it off under cool running water, slice it in half with a freshly sharpened knife...oh, sorry - you caught us daydreaming!

Back in reality, the compact citrus juicer from Hurom is an essential kitchen counter appliance from now until fall. Simply place your halved lime, lemon, orange, or grapefruit onto the auger (that’s what that’s called) and allow the Slow Squeeze Technology to mimic the natural hand-squeeze motion. This patented system helps keep the fruit’s natural taste and nutrition intact, unlike other devices use blades to shred fruits.

For $149 (and it’s on sale right now for $126!), this 100% BPA free, stainless steel beauty is covered by a 1-year warranty. Unlike groups of people, Vitamin C is one thing you won’t be missing this summer!


So there you have it. With so many great gifts and gadgets to spruce up your summer, there’s no reason it can’t be the best one you’ve... ever... had.

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