Gifts For Your Mother-in-Law

Updated: Mar 11

While you’re doting on your significant other this month, you can’t forget the person who raised your favorite person to be who they are today – your mother-in-law.

Shopping for a mother-in-law gift is a great way to get to know her better and explore your relationship with her. They’re also a great way to mend any past sticky spots in your relationship and ensure you remain in her good graces.

Happy mother-in-law, happy life. That’s how the saying goes, right?

We’ve put together 6 gifts that are sure to turn your mother-in-law into your best friend.

1. For the book club leader:

The Kindle Paperwhite is the best gadget for those who prefer to keep it low-tech. She won’t be missing the paper-and-ink anymore once you show her how all of her books can fit on one small device.

She can highlight and take notes on the Kindle, making it the perfect tool for her next book club.

The Kindle is also the perfect gift for ageing book readers, as she can adjust the text size to whatever feels comfortable for her.

Get the Kindle here: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

2. For the mother-in-law who keeps family close to her heart:

Keep the family close to her heart with this personalized family tree necklace. Each gemstone is a birthstone of someone else in the family: Your S.O., you, and the in-laws. If the family grows, you can always add charms to the necklace.

With your choice of metal and delicate leaves with customizable initials, this necklace is the best of both worlds – a delicate piece of jewelry AND a thoughtful gift.

Get the necklace here: Personalized Family Tree Necklace

3. For the stylish entertainer:

Your mother-in-law needs no helping throwing a sophisticated soiree, but this Vinglace Wine Chiller will be much appreciated anyway.

This vacuum-insulated, stainless steel canister keeps a bottle of bubbly perfectly chilled for hours. Plus, it’s available in multiple finishes, because you’re in trouble if you get her something that clashes with the rest of her decor!

Get the wine chiller here: Vinglace Wine Chiller

4. For the mother-in-law that doesn’t take “I’m not hungry” for an answer

She keeps you fed with wonderful dishes that you can’t quite seem to replicate at home, so now it’s time to return the favor.

This personalized, fillable Heirloom Cookbook is the perfect gift for anyone who takes immense pride in their cooking.

It’s one of those magical actually-a-gift-for-me kind of gifts, because now you’ll get easier access to the culinary brilliance of your mother-in-law.

Get cooking here: Heirloom Cookbook

5. For the in-laws that are always on the road

This personalized map of the national parks is the perfect gift for the in-laws that are always on the lookout for their next adventure.

The gorgeous illustrative style of the map makes it the perfect piece of art for their RV, and they can track their progress across the states using push pins.

Just make sure they get you something from the gift shop!

Get the map here: Personalized National Parks Push Pin Map

6. For the mother-in-law who prides herself on her home:

Is it witchcraft that makes your mother-in-law’s house so flawlessly decorated, or is it just years of experience?

It’s time to move past the house-envy and show your mother-in-law that you’ve got some design chops too.

These Kahler Hammershoi Decorative Vases are the perfect accent for any space. The striking textured look is sure to catch the eye, but it’s neutral enough to fit anywhere.

That’s the sound of your mother-in-law being impressed with you!

Get the vases here: Williams Sonoma Kahler Hammershoi Decorative Vase

When it comes to getting a mother-in-law gift, any time is a good time to show her you care. Just make sure you’re getting a gift from the heart, and not just to impress her.

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