Gifts That Promote Creative Genius

We hope you’ve been enjoying our Gifts that Give back month. So far we’ve covered gifts that give to children around the world, and gifts for a future that is female.

Gifts that Give back give us an opportunity to buy a unique gift for someone while helping others along the way. It’s the ultimate thoughtful gift.

This month we’re talking about gifts that enrich young lives by ensuring that creativity is available to all children.

Literacy and the arts are important for self-expression, communication and imagination. Not all kids have equal access to creative programs however, and art units are among the first to be cut in underserved schools.

This problem is compounded by the fact that underserved children often have limited access to after school literacy and creative programs simply because they need to take care of family members, or themselves.

Creative and imaginative pursuits help boost children’s self-esteem, develop critical thinking skills, and foster social connections. In short, creativity changes lives.

Here’s 4 gifts that give to organizations that promote literacy and creativity for ALL children.

Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store is the storefront for 826 New York: A non-profit that encourages students to explore endless possibilities through the power of creative writing. From after school programs to resource books for teachers, 826 has helped countless children harness their creativity.

Keeping in the theme of imagination, the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store has everything a budding young superhero needs. Get the kid in your life this slime kit and watch their imagination run wild.

Or you could get it for yourself, for when you need something to keep your hands busy during that millionth Zoom meeting that could have definitely been an email.

Get your slime on here: Glowing Putty Gels Slime Kit

Scrabble is an oldy but a goody for a reason – it gets the creative juices flowing, all while being a fun and competitive game. (Adult tip: It’s even better with some Adult Beverages)

Out of Print is an online store for everything bookish, from notebooks to mugs (a bookworm’s best friend) to books. Every purchase you make through their store helps them donate books and support literacy programs around the world.

Get scrabbling: Scrabble Vintage Bookshelf Edition

These flower earrings might just be the finishing touch your outfit needs. The hanging flowers look amazing by themselves, or with other earrings. And the best part? Your purchase will support an amazing organization.

Aurate New York creates stunning jewelry from 100% recycled gold. The company is woman owned, and each piece is sustainably made in New York. They partner with Mastery Charter every year to give thousands of books to schools and support literacy programs.

Beautiful jewelry? Check. Good for the environment? Check. Helping children read? Check.

Yup, these earrings can do it all. Talk about Flower Power!

Get your bling on here: Flower Earrings

You might know Made In for their chef-quality cookware, but they did something a little different with this cookbook. Made in partnered with 15 chefs to create the Family Meal cookbook.

100% of the proceeds (yup, that’s all of it) goes to Future Chefs, a nonprofit that gives teens table opportunities and interactions through the culinary arts.

The cookbook includes 15 chefs from homecooks that are inspired by each chef’s restaurants. Fans of Top Chef will recognize some of the names on the star-studded list.

Get Cooking: Family Made Cookbook, Volume I

With funding for creative programs continuing to get cut in schools, children have decreasing access to express themselves creatively. Gift any one of these gifts and you can be confident that you’re helping change a child’s life. It's as easy as ABC.

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