Gifts that Protect Our Planet

We’ve spent the past month taking a look at gifts that give back. At its core, gifts that give back are gifts that contribute to causes that are lessening inequalities across the world.

It’s time that we give back to the earth that sustains us, so this week we’re looking at 4 gifts that give back to the earth itself and help to lessen our impact on nature.

Climate change and mass pollution are serious problems for the health of our earth, and scientists give warnings that the planet as we know it may not be as sustainable for human life in the near future.

Environmental catastrophes intensify issues across the globe, as water and other natural resources become more scarce.

While a lot of change needs to happen to truly slow down the impact of climate change and lessen pollution, every little bit that we as individuals do helps.

So here’s 4 gifts that can help you give back to our earth and help you lead a green life.

Juniper Ridge is a women-led company based in California. Their mission is to help efforts that preserve our wilderness by donating 10% of all profits to the Western Wilderness Defense Fund that helps preserve the wilderness that surrounds California.

As with all their products, this White Sage and Wild Mint Tea is inspired by flavors and scents of the Mojave desert. All of their ingredients are sustainably sourced and their packaging is made in accordance with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, and with environmentally friendly inks.

Get the delicious tea here: White Sage and Wild Mint Tea

Earthlove is an environmentally friendly quarterly subscription box filled with full sized self care items. In addition to luxurious self care items like oils, soaps, and bath bombs, this box is filled with insightful gifts. It’s the perfect gift for your friend who’s always saying “I wish I knew more about being green.”

All of their products are vegan, fair-trade, and use green packaging to ensure that self love and being green aren’t mutually exclusive.

Self care AND education in one box? We love it.

Get the box here: Earthlove Subscription Box

Whether you’re looking for a new wardrobe staple, some camping gear, or cold weather essentials, Tentree is the place to look. They make all of their clothing from the most comfortable AND sustainable materials they can find.

And bonus? Tentree plants a tree with each purchase, so no matter how much you spend you won’t feel guilty.

This Festival Hat is the perfect companion for that festival you didn’t go this year, or for camping season. Who says you can’t look stylish in the great outdoors?

Get the hat here: Festival Hat

Listen, we know that cleaning can be a drag sometimes, but Blueland is here to try and make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Blueland is committed to creating environmentally friendly cleaning products. None of their products have harmful chemicals or bleach in them, so you won’t be sneezing up a storm every time you clean the bathroom.

Blueland takes a different approach to cleaning: You buy their glass bottles, and refill them with their revolutionary tablet cleaning products. That’s more plastic bottles filling up landfills.

Sure, you may not like cleaning, but at least you’ll know you’re helping the environment out along the way.

Get all your cleaning supplies here: Blueland Clean Suite

We all can take a few small steps to dramatically reduce our environmental impact, and these 4 gifts help. And remember: Reduce, recycle and reuse!

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