Gifts to Grow a Green Thumb

Do you smell that? That’s the smell of spring, and along with it blooming flowers and butterflies and new beginnings.

Spring is all about new growth, so this month we’re focusing on gifts of growth – growth in nature, personal growth, creative growth, and career growth.

To kick things off, we’re talking about growth in nature. You guessed it – PLANTS!

Now that the weather’s nice and the sun’s out more often, it’s the perfect time to dabble in a little planting. Plants bring joy, fresh air, and beauty into our lives, whether they’re in the house or outside.

Here’s 4 gifts that will bring the joy of growth to you or a loved one.

The Lettuce Grow Farmstand is the brainchild of famous actor, Zooey Deschanel. This innovative gardening system lets you grow up to 8 vegetables, 8 herbs and 24 leafy greens, all in one vertical tower! It’s the perfect gift for your friend who only has a few feet of outdoor space to spare.

The Farmstand is a self-watering and self-fertilizing system, so it’s low maintenance, but still gives you plenty of time to tend to your plant babies. The tower is made from recycled plastic, and one farmstand is donated for every ten bought.

Grow your own food: The Lettuce Grow Farmstand

The Sill is your one stop shop for plants that are low on maintenance and high on beauty. They send live plants directly to your door already in their planters, so all you have to do is water your new plants, and maybe whisper some words of encouragement to them.

This set of their bestsellers come in chic ceramic planters and are ready to brighten up any room you put them in.

Get the green stuff here: The Sill Best Sellers Bundle

Do you spend your days begging your tomato plant to give you just ONE more tomato?

We’ve all been there before: You plant some tomatoes, cucumbers and mint, and you dream of a day where you can eat a salad that you grew yourself. And then you only get one measly tomato, and two small cucumbers.

We don’t have any gardening advice for you, but this cute Harvest Basket will let you carry your harvest with pride… no matter how small it is.

The wire mesh makes it easier for you to hose everything down before bringing it into the house. No mud or bugs, just beautiful fresh produce you can be proud of.

Get harvesting: Gardener’s Harvest Basket

Plants are finicky. This one needs constant watering, this one will die if watered more than once a year. It is what it is.

While you’re tending to your sensitive plants (they have NEEDS, okay?), you might as well do it in style.

This aesthetic wonderland of a mister is perfect for humidity loving plants and water sensitive plants alike. Can I have brass everything, please?

Serve your plant lords: Brass Mister

These 4 gifts will help you get in touch with your green thumb. Just don’t blame us if your house is completely covered with plants in a year.

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