How To Figure Out What To Get Your Significant Other For Valentines Day

Here is a helpful guide to determine an appropriate gift no matter what stage of your relationship you are in.

Just A Crush

If you have yet to go out with this person and you plan on using Valentine’s Day to break the ice, it is best to KISS. (Keep It Simple Silly). Try asking them to dinner and a movie.

Puppy Love

If you’re in that brand new relationship stage, it might be difficult to go all out on the first Valentines. Try using little details that you already know about your significant other. For example, maybe she is a coffee connoisseur, a perfect date would be to go to your local roastery and do a cupping session. (It’s basically a coffee taste/smell test)

Long-Distance Relationships

Being in a long distance relationship is tough enough. It is even tougher when the holidays come up and you’re still apart. Our best suggestion is to pick up a uniquely personalized gift, like these Bond Touch bracelets. Whenever one partner touches the sensor, the other partner feels it- no matter the distance.

Love As Old As Time

Fancy date nights might be a thing of the past at this point in your relationship. You probably prefer a cozy night in while binge-watching your favorite new series. Try to use this day to spice it up and keep the romance alive. Show your partner how much they mean to you by splurging on the watch/jewelry they’ve had their eye on.

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