How to Host a Socially Distanced Dinner Party

Here we are, halfway through the month of July. The days are long, the nights are warm, and all we want to do is throw a fabulous dinner party for our besties, BFFs, and buddies! Well, hosts and hostesses need not worry, because there are only a few modifications required to safely host a “socially distant” dinner party. We’re not skimping even a little, so check it out. Let’s start at the very beginning:


Everyone knows that the party truly begins when the invitations hit the mailboxes - err, inboxes. Since you may have a little more time on our hands these days (and honestly, you’re probably feeling pretty nostalgic), why not go the extra mile and send something physical? From Invitation in a Bottle®, (the name pretty much speaks for itself) send a tiny “you’re invited!” that’s sure to make a huge impact!

Choose from tons of fun bottle themes! All invitations, which are rolled up like scrolls and fit snugly inside before corked closed, are waiting for your unique personalization: from the parchment paper and ribbon colors to the wording, design, and message font. All that’s included in the price, by the way! Go a little extra and burn the edges of the paper (okay, you pyro) or engrave the bottle!

These little joys, which come in plastic or glass, range in price from $2.69 to $9.95 per bottle and do require minimum orders - usually 10 pieces. Have them sent to you fully assembled or decide to DIY it. No matter which you decide, they’ll provide a digital proof and unlimited revisions of your invite.

Invitation in a Bottle


The guests have arrived (and they’ve washed their hands, of course). They adored your invite in a bottle and are full of giddy expectation for this socially-distant dinner party. Queue...the tunes.

What musical mood you set is totally your jam (pun intended) and whatever you do decide on, we suggest making it top-tier sound quality. The portable speakers from Mooni® start at $99 and are guaranteed to add a super chic and elevated look to your feast - they are a Swedish company, so you get it.

The various lantern body options are as modern as they are cozy: they “Eye” is round, which the “Eclipse,” “Ovo,” and “Ovo Mini” are more oblong. Men may prefer the “Andale” or “Take Me” speakers, which are more rectangular in shape. All speakers come with a rubber handle for easy transport and remote control.

Set the right mood with 9 different color options (softly diffuse through the robust lantern body) and 4 color modes including smooth, strobe, fade, or flash. Connect your music through Bluetooth and you’re set.

Now you just have to decide where to dine. Inside? Make sure you’re creating enough space for guests to remain distanced. Outside? Dine on the patio, deck, or set up blankets on the grass (the Mooni® speakers are splashproof, too)!



Great! The guests are present, they’ve been amply welcomed and are ready to settle in. “Drinks,” you offer? Coming right up!

The founders of Usual Wines set out to create a single-serve wine that didn’t compromise on taste or quality. And they did, all so you could safely serve your socially-distanced-dinner-dates a generous 6.3 oz (187 ml) bottle of wine for one - no corkscrews required!

Their uncomplicated menu includes Summer Rosé and Brut Rosé from Santa Barbara, CA, Brut from Northern California, or Red from Sonoma County, CA. Twelve packs cost $96 or save a few by signing up for an $80 p/month subscription. For your dinner party, we suggest The Mixed Pack, for the same price.

Best of all, their wines are made seasonally in small, sustainably farmed batches. That means no additives, sulfates, or sweeteners = the freshest, most modern way to wine.

Usual Wines


Everyone’s loose and ready to dine. They sit down and noticed your sublime table set up. We can tell, they’re very impressed. You really did think of it all.

In the ongoing effort to stay hygienic and minimize contact with others, the stylish plates, cups, napkins, straws, and cutlery from Coterie Party are going to be essential! Mix and match between themes or stay loyal to their totally cute prints and patterns. Some of our favorites include French Toile, Yes Way Ombre, Palm Leaf (pictured below), Amalfi Blues, Happy Llama, and Dashes and Dots.

Party supplies are sold separately. Plates are $8 for a 10-pack, cups are $6-$9 for a 10-pack, napkins are $7-$8 for a 25-pack, and utensils are $9-$14 for a 30-pack (knife, fork, and spoon - 10 each). They also offer bowls, straws, serving trays, tablecloths, and runners.

The co-founders of Coterie Party said it best: spend more time on your guest list rather than your napkin choices because...the people are what make the party!

Coterie Party

See! This socially distant dinner gathering wasn’t too tough to plan. Well, this is where we leave you. What food and how you serve it are best left to the host’s choice. As summer nears its halfway point, enjoy being with the ones you love - no matter the footage between you. Bon appetite!

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