How to Shop Small this Holiday Season

Why limit supporting small businesses to just a Saturday?

Did you know that every time you make a purchase from a small business, an actual person does a little happy dance? It’s true. And we need a lot more of it. Not only does it make them feel good, but you will share in that joy too.

Here are 5 more reasons to shop small:

Receive better customer service.

This may be the biggest difference. Small businesses always have employees ready and waiting to give you personable service to find what you need. Maybe you can relate to a time when an employee was so friendly that you just felt that you had to buy something, because they gave you a happy experience. And, even if you didn’t buy anything, you are far more likely to make a return visit. Compare that to waiting in line at customer service for twenty minutes.

Shop more unique products.

Small businesses tend to have their finger on the pulse of new trends as well as upcoming ones. They have just as much access to vendors and get the wholesale prices. Have something in mind that you don’t see on the shelf? A small business is way more likely to do a special order for you, so just ask!

Give back more to the community.

Because they have to pay sales tax to the city and county that they operate in, unlike big box stores. The tax money is used to support public schools, parks, and infrastructure, as well as fund public service workers, like firefighters. And another important tid bit, from Civic Economics, states that 48% of your purchase from a small business will be recirculated locally. That is compared to the measly 14% from a larger chain corporation.

Make a major economic impact.

In addition to what we said about small businesses giving back more to the community, they also play a large economic role by providing local jobs. The Small Business Administration stated in their latest report that 1.9 million net new jobs were added in 2018.

Fulfill a sense of community.

You will no longer have to ask, “Can I speak with the manager?” Because, more than likely, you’ve spoken with them several times and consider them a friend. Your kids probably even go to the same school. We are always looking to make new connections because we are social creatures. And supporting local businesses help to build that strong community.

Use these three simple ways to find a small business on your community:

Ask your friends on Facebook what small businesses they support. People are always willing to brag about the good stuff!

Take the leap and click on that link in bio of that indie brand you’ve been following on Instagram.

If you need help to get started American Express has an amazing map to show the small businesses in your area. Just type in your zip code and start shopping!

We hope we inspired you to shop small this holiday season! Share some of your favorite local shops in the comments below- we’d love to check them out!

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