Indulgent Gifts For a New Mom

There’s nothing quite like childbirth to completely change a woman’s world. Not only are they suddenly responsible for a small bebe, but they’re exhausted, in pain, and likely haven’t washed their hair in days.

If you haven’t had a child yourself, it can be easy to distance yourself from your friend who just had a baby. After all, how could you possibly understand what they’re going through?

It’s important to support your new-mom friend, instead of taking a step back. Sure, they probably won’t be down for drinks and the club on Saturday, but you can still connect with them through the journey of new motherhood by giving them a thoughtful gift.

So what do you get that new mom?

We’re sure you’ve already bought a cute little something for the new baby, but what about mom? Show her you care by getting her something that’s just for her. Something that makes her feel like the beautiful human she is!

Need some ideas? We’ve asked all the moms in our lives what they would have loved to get in those first few weeks of motherhood, and put together a curated gift guide for new moms.

When it comes to hair, a new mom knows two things: 1. She’s lost a lot of it, and 2. She definitely does not have time to wash her hair more than a couple of times a week.

Briogeo’s Scalp Revival dry shampoo tackles both problems head on (pun very much intended). Charcoal and witch hazel work together to absorb excess oils, so the new mom in your life can go longer without washing her hair, while Biotin works to promote healthy hair growth.

It might not be the sexiest gift ever, but it will definitely be appreciated for new moms struggling to keep their hair healthy.

Get it here: Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Biotin Dry Shampoo

Caffeine is a lifesaver for sleep deprived parents, and you can bet that the new mom in your life will be guzzling down as much tea and coffee as she can, just to feel sane.

The problem is, she’ll make a cup of coffee… and then the baby cries, and she needs to feed the baby, and then burp the baby, and then change the baby, and then, and then, and then.

Next thing she knows, her coffee’s stone cold. We can’t have that now, can we?

The Ember mug is a wireless temperature controlled mug that will keep her beverage of choice at exactly the right temperature, for hours.

This sleek mug is the perfect gift for new moms, because it shows you understand her struggles.

Get the mug here: Ember Mug 2

New moms do so much to provide comfort for their new baby, whether it’s dressing them in the softest of clothes, or even warming up their baby wipes (it’s a thing, seriously).

This hot water bottle with a soft fuzzy cover is the perfect gift to provide comfort for the new mom in your life.

Cuddling warm water will help in their postpartum recovery, along with helping soothe them to sleep when all they can think of is “is my baby breathing?”

This small but mighty hot water bottle proves that thoughtful gifts don’t have to be pricey.

Get it here: Willstar Hot Water Bottle With Cover

If you know anything about new parents, it’s that they take seemingly hundreds of pictures of their new bundle of joy every day.

Part of living in the 21st century means, however, that most of those photos don’t get printed at all.

Monthbooks is the perfect gift for new moms who are too busy to go through hundreds of photos and curate the best ones. Every month, Monthbooks creates a photo album straight from the photos on your phone.

Plus, these books will look beautiful enough on their shelves that they won’t hide them away.

Get it here: Monthbooks

There’s a lot that happens to the body of a new mom that might have her feeling… a little less than sexy.

This hilarious milk bath will not only help them feel a little bit better about their pregnant body, but has gentle and effective ingredients to target some of those problem areas.

Oatmeal reduces inflammation, while carrot seed and chamomile help keep their skin smooth. This milk bath is made from 100% natural ingredients, and smells amazing.

Bonus? They’ll laugh so hard when they see it, they may just pee. (It’s a new mom thing).

Get it here: Instant MILF Milk Bath

alfalfa apothecary lactation tea glass jar with cork top on table gift for new mom

Being a new mom means taking advantage of a few moments of peace and quiet to indulge in a little self care.

Sure, the new mom in your life is seriously due for a spa day, but in reality she can barely find time to shower uninterrupted.

This lactation tea is the perfect gift to give the new mom in your life just a few moments of self care. They’ll feel relaxed as they sip on this yummy tea, while ingredients like raspberry leaf and nettle work hard to keep their milk flowing.

Get it here: Lactation Tea

Stay connected with the new mom in your life by giving them a gift that helps them indulge a little.

Having trouble deciding on the perfect gift? Check out our gift concierge services and we’ll search high and low for the most thoughtful gift for your loved one.

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