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Updated: Dec 10, 2020

That moment when you open yet another gift that just misses the mark, and you keep a smile plastered on your face because you don’t want the giver to feel bad. It's not that you’re not grateful, but eggplant has just never been your color.

Send this guide to your S.O. in your life who needs a little nudge in the right direction. You’ll be thanked for limiting the holiday stress, and you’ll receive the perfect gift. We love a win-win moment.


That moment when you see her face light up as she opens her gift from you. Such a great feeling, right!? You’re scoring all the points in her heart and mind.

The real magic of the holidays is giving and receiving gifts.

At Toffee and Twine, we’re on a mission to end the holiday stress and disappointment.

Bye, bye to the weeks and days of fretting over getting her the perfect gift, buying it, and then wondering if you got the right one.

Read on for some tips on how to get her the perfect gift!

There are clues all around you, Sherlock Holmes...

You’d be surprised how much useful gift info you already have access to. It’s a matter of putting on your detective hat and tuning into the signs around you. Here are four clues to look for:

1. What sparks joy for her? Start with thinking about what she loves. It sounds simple, but what has she spoken about recently that truly lit her up? You know when she last smiled real big and looked super content.

Did she light up when taking her first sip of coffee for the day? Get her a Nespresso Machine. What about when she was talking about how good it felt to be in nature? Then, consider getting her an eco-friendly gift, or a plant.

2. What does she long for? Try remembering if she’s mentioned lately something that she’s wanted to purchase, but didn’t want to spend the money on. Was it a watch that she covets? Or a spa day deal she stares longingly at? It’s totally 100% NOT cheating to get her something that she said she wanted.

3. Process of elimination. If you’re truly stumped, start with eliminating things you know she won’t want. What are some gifts she’s gotten in the past (either from you or someone else) that she hasn’t enjoyed? Why didn’t she like them? It goes without saying, but avoid getting similar gifts. (hint: never gift home appliances unless she has said she wants them specifically!)

4. Do some sleuthing. Does she have a Pinterest board or an Amazon wishlist? Look her up. Instant gift ideas. You’re welcome.

Now... for the BIG GUNS! What’s her love language?

Before you roll your eyes... knowing how she likes to receive can be one of the keys to happiness in your relationship.

Gifts can come in many different forms, and not everyone loves receiving a physical item. Think about what her love language is, and get a gift that matches it. If you’re not sure what her love language is, just think about what kinds of gestures she appreciates THE MOST out of the five.

Literal whole books have been written about love languages, but here’s a quick rundown, with gift ideas to match each love language:

  1. Quality Time – Does she appreciate it when you’re able to spend quality time together? Then consider getting some sort of fun experience gift you can do together. It can be something kind of goofy like paintballing, or something outdoorsy like a picnic on the beach. If you need to stay at home, a virtual cooking class can be tons of fun, and can easily transition to a romantic, candlelit dinner.

  2. Receiving gifts – Does she like to get physical gifts? This might seem like the most obvious love language to translate to gift giving, but it’s all about the act of receiving and opening a gift. Consider getting a beautifully wrapped gift that she’ll delight in opening, or even multiple smaller gifts, so she can get that gift-opening high multiple times.

  3. Acts of service – Does she love it when you surprise her by taking over a task, like cleaning the dishes or straightening up the bookshelf? Consider surprising her by finally cleaning out and organizing the garage, or completing that home project that you’ve both left on the back burner. It may not sound romantic to you, but trust us; she’ll be swooning.

  4. Words of affirmation – Is she all about hearing, “I love you”? Consider trying your hand at calligraphy, and penning her a beautiful handwritten letter on good quality paper. Anything with a special message to her that she can put on her desk to remind her how much you love her.

Alt-text: calligraphy pen on cream colored paper with purple flowers in the corner

5. Physical touch – Does she appreciate your hug above all? Then consider getting her a gift of a more physical nature. This can be R rated if you think that would be received well, but it doesn’t have to be. You can also treat her to an at home “spa day” where you pamper her, cucumber eyes and all.

We hope this guide has been useful in solving the puzzle of what to get your boo for the holidays.

Remember, you love them, so go with what feels right, and don’t second guess yourself too much.

Happy holidays!

If you need some extra help, try the Toffee + Twine GIFT CONCIERGE, go here to book a call to have all your gift fetching done for you!

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