Make Your 4th of July Go POP

What makes the 4th of July different than other “outside” summer holidays? We BBQ and break out our bikinis but it’s the same for Memorial and Labor Day! So, what makes this celebration stand out?

That’s right, you guessed it... Fireworks!

This Independence Day, as the world continues to physically distance (booooo!), we’re presenting a few alternative ways to make your July 4th go POP.


If cities stick with their public firework shows, we assume they’ll be more subdued than usual.

Buy an LED light projector for inside your home and guarantee a mesmerizing light show no matter what! For $29.99, this night light from SOAIY replicates the gorgeous colors and wavelengths of aurora lights right onto your ceiling!

The photos don’t do it justice (and, if you ask us, appear a little cheesy).

Trust. Friend. Trust.

The rhythmic and unpredictable movements of all 8 lighting modes are truly tranquilizing to the eyes...and the soul.

Play some jammin’ music through its built-in mini speaker and forget that you ever even liked fireworks in the first place. Just kidding - nothing will ever replace colorful, animated sky explosions, but this may be our next best option.



We’re going to share a kernel of wisdom with you today. HA, a popcorn pun! For some a-maize-ing popcorn (sorry, had to just one more time), head over to Miss Hannah’s Gourmet Popcorn, a family-owned, hand-crafted popcorn shop HQ’d in Oregon.

Of course, their seasonally-inspired flavors are available for purchase online starting at $25 for 2 bags. 4-packs, 6-packs, gift boxes, and subscriptions are also available.

Choose from traditional flavors like Buttery Salt, Cheesy Cheddar, and Kettle Corn, or dive into the unknown with Snickerdoodle (like the cookie: cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla), Sea Salted Brûlée (like the dessert, with sea salt “dusting”), or Tutti Frutti (a blend of raspberry, cherry, grape, and vanilla flavors)...

...which is basically fireworks in popcorn-form.

For the picky popcorn-er (say that seven times fast), many flavors are vegan, dairy-free, and/or gluten-free!

Miss Hannah's Popcorn


Bubblegum is one of those...super personal preferences.

Like Violet Beauregarde, we’d never dream of coming between you and your beloved bubblegum brand.

Instead, we’re concentrating on: how to blow the largest, most impressive, flawless bubble of all time.

According to a variety of bubble gum authorities, here are a few tips and tricks to creating the biggest and best-est bubble:

  • Use more than 1 piece, but definitely not too many pieces

  • Choose sugarfree (go, science!)

  • Take it slow (true artists never rush the process)

For step by step bubble-blowing education, check out what the “experts” are saying:

Bibelot Magazine

Chewing Gum Facts

Zed Candy

Remember: Practice makes perfect. We can’t wait to show up to our respective 4th of July parties and blow everyone away!


Nothing ruins your Independence Day glow more than a nose of blackheads!

With so many methods and cure-all’s out there, we’re delightfully sticking with these simple deep cleaning pour strips from Bioré. Their patented C-bond technology binds the strips to your blackheads (not your skin) like magnets!

Once a week, you’ll wash your face, apply the strip evenly over the bridge of your nose, wait 10-15 minutes (find something productive to do or sit there and twiddle your thumbs), and finally, peel away to remove dirt, oil, and blackheads!

These no-fuss, instant refreshers cost $12.99 for a pack of 14 or $5.88 for a pack of 6.

Look fresh for your quarantine significant other!



These might be the one item you don’t aspire to pop but in the spirit of a glitzy July 4th, we could not not mention balloons!

Celebrate in style with these clear LED balloons with fairy light strings from the “lightsfever” Etsy shop.

These babies can be inflated up to 20 inches (helium or air) and come with white or multicolored fairy lights up to 10 feet long. Starting at $16.99 for 6 balloons, you can create a wondrous, magical atmosphere or go disco with flashing mode!

Either way, batteries are included, and...the fairy lights are reusable. Check out their tabletop balloon options, too. We love them so much, we could just burst.

Etsy- Lightsfever

This year’s 4th of July holiday will certainly be untraditional, so loosen those restraints and rejoice in freedom however you fancy. If you’re the nostalgic type and need to stick to sunshine and hotdogs, no problem. We have something for you, too: click here for delectable sentimentality.


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