3 Ways to Show Better Gifting Etiquette Than Your Friends

Here’s a fun fact: In the 2017 holiday season, 28% of all gifts ($90 billion) were returned. While the buyers of those gifts might have felt a slight twinge of shame at their idea being a swing and a miss, they probably also showed proper gifting etiquette.

Gifting ain’t easy, especially because you’re giving something that you feel is a reflection of the recipient’s tastes, interests, or lifestyle. It’s stressful, and we feel it too, but don’t worry; GiftBarr has a few nuggets of priceless wisdom to help you be a model gift-giver!

Don’t Throw a Tantrum Over Returns/Exchanges

You might have spent 3 hours online looking for the perfect present, or out in all of your daily 10,000 steps at the mall trying to find the right gift, just to find out your bestie doesn’t like the Best Buds jewelry you gave. It’s frustrating, but take it in stride and keep in mind that it’s the thought that counts. Just the act of giving a gift strengthens relationships, and if the gift idea didn’t work out, just smile and don’t take it personal. They’ll eventually end up with something they truly love, and associate you with it. Staying calm is a win-win!

Think About Them, Not You, When Buying a Gift

Everyone thinks they have the best taste, so it’s only natural to want to use presents to introduce friends and family to your lifestyle. While your heart is in the right place, your tastes might not be the same as someone else’s. Think about your gift recipients' hobbies, home decor, and clothing style. Gift them with something they love, not what you do. And if you love the idea of blowing people’s minds, then make sure you're ‘out there’ present at least comes from a store they like, or might still be a natural fit for their personality.

Remove Price Tags and Include Gift Receipts

We have millions of reasons for giving a gift, but none of them are to announce to the world how much you spent. Make sure that all price tags have been taken off, and that nothing which displays the price is part of your gift. Leaving prices on might look like you’re showing off, while others might get self-conscious they didn’t spend enough. In addition, always include the gift receipt; these make returns/exchanges easy, and they don’t show the price.

Gifting is really about strengthening relationships with friends and family. Etiquette ensures that you’re making the celebration about the recipient, not yourself. Good luck and happy gifting!

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