Pool Party Vibes

There’s nothing better than jumping in a crystal clear, cold pool when it’s scorching hot out.

While pool parties are certainly for all ages, the same pool parties you enjoyed when you were ten are not necessarily what’s going to get you excited about putting your bathing suit on today.

Say goodbye to sticky popsicles and pool-water soaked potato chips (EW!), and strive for something with a little bit more ooh lala!

The perfect adult pool party has a few things going for it: Delicious and light food (our stomach’s aren’t what they used to be!), fancy drinks, and most importantly – Instagrammable props and settings.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered with 6 essentials for a sophisticated and fun POOL PARTY!!

We meant what we said: Any adult pool party MUST have highly Instagrammable props, and because it’s the year 2021 that means fun pool floats!

Sure, it started with bringing back the flamingo, and then a cute popsicle float, but the pool float game has completely evolved.

We love group floats like this Giant Disco Dome Island Float, because we know how important it is to keep your besties close.

The best part? It’s open in the middle, so you can dip your toes as you float..

Get pool float: Funboy Giant Disco Dome Island Float

And of course, you’ll need speakers.

Opt for waterproof bluetooth speakers so you can take them with you on the pool float. Turn up the volume and no one else will hear how you and your girls are gossiping about that one guest who showed up empty handed. How rude!

Get the speakers here: Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

We’re not in college anymore, which means that every party is really just a dinner party, and there’s no reason why a pool party should be the exception!

Instead of busting out the good china for your guests, opt for durable melamine for outdoor dining.

This ~tropical~ set will help you tie together your pool party decor, and everyone will ooh and ahh over your tablescaping.

Just remember – serve light, refreshing food only. No one wants to eat mashed potatoes and then immediately jump into the pool. Yes, we are speaking from personal experience.

Get the dining set here: Breezy Melamine Palm Leaf Dinnerware

We all have that one friend who inexplicably does not like water (#Can’tRelate), so you need to provide some alternate entertainment to keep the fun going.

This giant connect four game not only looks GORG (remember what we said: Instagram), but is relatively simple to play.

But let’s be honest – you’re probably buying it just for the ~lewk~. And there is NOTHING wrong with that.

Okay, okay, I guess if one of your friends brings their kid it’ll be fun for them too!

Get the game here: Jumbo Connect 4 Game Set

So far you’ve wowed your friends with a cute pool float, fun games, awesome tunes, and a stunning dinner set. Now it’s time to impress them with your thoughtfulness by providing some extra towels.

And no one does towels better than Sand Cloud, with their large Turkish cotton towels.

Even better? 10% off each purchase goes towards marine conservation. Thoughtful AND saving the world? Your friends are SO impressed.

Get the towels here: Sand Cloud Boho Shark Towel

Don’t let the setting sun bring your party to a close! The water’s still nice, and it’s even more fun to splash around in the dark, or to continue the party poolside.

These beautiful rattan lanterns strategically placed on the deck of the pool will keep the vibes going well into the night.

Keep the party going: Brighton Rattan Lanterns


What are you getting for your next pool party? Tag us @toffeeandtwine and let us know! And don’t forget to give us a follow for more summertime gifts!

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