Some Favorite Fall Finds (for your Face, Feet & Neck)

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of leaves crunching under your Chuck Taylor All Stars. What’s that flavor you taste? It’s a delicious pumpkin spice latte warming your tummy. Autumn is here, and we’re jazzed about it!

Leaves will start changing colors (if you happen to reside in a place where fall exists - looking at you Northeast people). You’ll swap your sexy sandals and strappy wedges for suede mules and cute ankle booties (not talking to you Californians; you wear Birkenstocks year-round). You get the idea.

For fall lovers everywhere, gifting is as easy as 1-2-3. Get cozy, get scrolling, and get into these four favorite fall-inspired finds.


The perfect gift for your neck this fall? Enter the Bufandy shawl.

These beauties are made in Amsterdam from 80% alpaca wool fiber (the remaining 20% is acrylic), which is known to be softer than silk and incredibly warm. Alpacas can survive in the harsh, high altitude conditions of the Andes, so you best bet that their wool will keep you warm, too!

Choose from a variety of chic colors and patterns that are ideal for the fall season. The solid colored hues include toasted almond, blush rose, toffee, mulberry purple, warm stone, and maroon clay. Gorgeous two-toned (or “doble”) options include rosewater, earth stone, terra rosa, and nightfall (a deepwater blue). Their ombre collection includes warm taupe, ash rose, silver eucalyptus, grey marble, frozen grape, teal oyster, and moody green.

For their beauty and functionality, the Bufandy shawls are a fantastic deal. Their prices are in Euros, so the range is €44,95 for the XS pieces (a little less than $53), €59,95 (a little more than $70) for the solid-colored pieces, €64.95 (a little more than $76) for the ombre pieces, and €74,95 (a little less than $88) for the two-toned details.

All that’s left to ask is, what are you alpaca-n on your next fall adventure?


Anybody who is anybody knows that you cannot spell autumn without pumpkin. That’s why the Pumpkin Purifying Enzyme Peel ($58 for 1.69 oz) from Naturopathica is the essential skincare product you want heading straight out of summer and into awesome autumn.

Firstly, Naturopathica’s line of clean, effective, botanically-based skincare products is ideal for anyone who desires real results without harsh chemicals. All products are vegan and gluten-free.

Now, back to the star of the show. The main ingredients in this peel include pumpkin puree (accelerates exfoliation and acts as a powerful antioxidant and mild retinoic acid substitute), lactic acid at 3% concentration (exfoliates the skin to prevent clogged pores), plus a trio of antiseptic herbs, including cinnamon bark, oregano, and rosemary extract.

While this clarifying peel was designed for those with dull or congested skin, it’s truly a treat for all skin types. It tingles going on, hardens without pulling the skin, and leaves your delicate and beautiful face feeling fresh, radiant, and ready to take on the season.


You had us at plush.

The plush ankle-length socks from Z Supply are the perfect fall, WFH, cozy 24/7, walking on clouds, omgee gift for just about anyone who appreciates snug comfort. These puppies will keep hearts happy and feet warm from dusk until dawn.

You can pick from (or just buy all of them) six designs, including “Foxy” (pictured below), “Vanilla Ice” aka white, taupe, and pink stripes, or white and greyish blue stripes, camo, star, and bone (a taupe-kinda color). Made from a super-soft polyester blend fabric, pairs range from $12-$14 or $19 for a 2-pack.

The plush socks pair perfectly with various loungewear items from Z Supply’s newly established “Z Lounge.” Thanks but no thanks to COVID-19, cozy wear has skyrocketed into our homes and hearts.


Converse has been around for one hundred and twelve years. Yes, 112 years. One millennium, plus an additional 4,380 days. Now THAT is something we can depend on.

We’re loving the seasonal color choices that Converse is promoting this autumn equinox. Here is the sweet-as-Halloween-candy lineup of saturated brights and Earthy neutrals:

  • Vintage Canvas Chucks ($80 low-tops, $85 high-tops) in Cactus Flower, Nomad Khaki, Rush Blue, Midnight Clover, Black, Black Current, Saddle, and Lemon Venom

  • Chuck Taylor All Stars ($50) in Saffron and Pink Carmine

  • Suede Chucks ($90) in Black, Slit Red, Clove Brown, and Ash Stone

The premium canvas you know and love hasn’t changed, and the heritage details of their 1970s logo will make you feel nostalgic for…well, any time that makes you feel good.


Well, there you have it, folks. A few fall favorites to get you into the autumn state of mind. Enjoy!


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