The Coffee Lovers Gift Guide

Coffee. Need we say more?

(Oh, you bet we will).

According to the National Association of Coffee, the heritage of that exquisite cup of mud can be traced back hundreds and hundreds of years to the ancient coffee forests of Ethiopia. A local goat herder noticed that when his goats consumed these beans, they would stay awake all night! (Is that why we count sheep, and not goats?) Anyways, the herder reported these findings to the town monks, who also consumed the beans, and later found themselves more alert through long hours of evening prayers.

The moral of the story here is: we owe a giant gulp of gratitude to goats and monks.

Also, thanks to King George III for kindling the Boston Tea Party revolt because after that fiasco, colonists switched teams from tea to coffee as their preferred morning beverage. Five hundred years later, we’re drinking coffee from dawn until dusk and prepared to offer you a Venti-sized recommendation of gifts made for coffee lovers.

Take a sip (we know you just brewed a new pot) and read on.


Short ones, tall ones. Patterns, pictures, or plain. One handle, no handle. There are many distinctive coffee containers to choose from, but we love Cost Plus World Market’s stoneware collection when it comes to a mug’s material.

Why stoneware? It’s a type of pottery made from dense clay and fired at exceptionally high temperatures from 2,000° to 2,400°. That’s hotter than a volcano, just FYI. Stoneware is non-porous, which is ideal for resistance to hot liquids. There are other types of pottery, including earthenware (those terracotta vases holding all your houseplants) and porcelain (think, delicate tea sets). Still, the durability and long-lasting nature of stoneware earn our vote of confidence.

For your espresso, cappuccino, or latte-needs, check out the variety of vessels from World Market. They sell sets of 2, 3, or 4 mugs that would make any java junkie happy. For the artist-types, choose from multi-colored mosaic (set of 2 for $15.98) and geometric shape designs with gold handles (set of 3 for $23.97). Or go vintage with the “Letterpress Mugs” ($23.96 for a set of 4). There are “dipped” organic-style cups, “reactive” glazed mugs, and obviously, ones with cats.

We rate these AAA: dishwasher Appropriate, Adorable, and totally Affordable!

World Market


From functionality and design to a clear commitment to sustainability and the environment, the team at Miir makes everything about coffee consumption just that much better. Let’s tackle them one by one.

Nothing ruins a cup of coffee more than spilling it all over yourself in the car. Even though it smells good (we admit), it gets everywhere, and you are probably wearing white. The lids on all Miir tumblers and cups are spill-resistant thanks to Thermo 3D® double-wall vacuum insulation technology. Miir products are also incredibly durable (18/8 Medical grade stainless steel plus a Harshell™ powder coat on colored tumblers) and thoughtfully designed. They’re a triple-threat: sleek, modern, and clean.

Last but not least, for every single product purchased, Miir donates to and tracks sustainable change projects. “Tracks” is italicized intentionally. Once a product is purchased, you are urged to input the “Give Code” in order to receive project updates and information related to advocacy and volunteering. So far, 41,000+ customers have contributed $1.3 million to 69 projects in 26 countries. Miir says it best: they rely on water, the earth, and people to make their premium products. That’s why they fund projects that focus on clean water, a healthy environment, and strong communities.

Tumblers come in 10 color choices and range from $15.95 to $24.95 depending on which size you choose (from 6 oz to 20 oz). Camping cups, with a handle, hold 12 oz and cost $24.95. For campers and travelers who refuse to compromise on coffee beans, Miir coffee canisters ($29.95) hold a standard 12 oz bag of beans, whole or ground.

Miir Coffee


If you enjoy your brew the way true coffee connoisseurs do, then the consumption experience isn’t just about the actual cup of joe. The aroma, the environment, the accessories - they’re valuable, too! Let’s talk about coasters.

The artsy coasters from DcorStore feature earthy patterns, trendy prints, and gorgeous colors that will unquestionably boost the personality of any coffee table. Individual pieces and sets range from $14.95 to $54.95 and are crafted from a mixture of materials including gemstone, ceramic, cork, and wood. Our favorite is the “Blue Hole” coaster, aptly inspired by and named after the famous and brilliantly blue “Blue Hole” pool (or sinkhole) in Punta Cana (see below).

Additionally, the coasters are all waterproof, heat-insulated, and non-slip, and many options are eco-friendly. Grab a set or two; after all, you probably drink coffee at home and at work.

Dcor Store


There’s been an influx of…*screeching halt noise.” Let’s just call it what it is. Houseplants have invaded. If you previously lived alone, you now have 6 roommates and they are all picky about how much sunlight does or doesn’t come through their windows. Not to mention, they don’t even contribute to the water bill.

We were over it, until...the coffee plant.

For $35, you can buy one from The Sill, the popular indoor potted-plant delivery service. This plant thrives in direct sunlight but is otherwise super low maintenance. It comes in a terracotta oval-shaped “Grant” potter. Okay, now here’s the kicker (and why we wrote to The Sill and respectfully requested they amend the name to “coffee-inspired plant.”

This plant is “unlikely” to actually produce any coffee berries, even in the most suitable environmental conditions. The plant, with its shiny green leaves, is simply the same plant that does actually grow them. Confusing? Kinda. Do we mind? Not really. Google “coffee plant” and take a look at the images you find.

Grab one for yourself and one for your friend - now you’re brewing besties!

The Sill

There are so many gifts to excite a java enthusiast. Some choices are more obvious but still pretty neat like coffee subscriptions, brewers, and coolers/heaters. Want to think outside of the box? You can find coffee-inspired everything on the internet: puzzles, phone cases, blankets, clocks, cards, and...stencils.

Stencils? Yes, stencils. Simply drop some cocoa powder, or turmeric, or macha, or whatever trendy spice you have in your kitchen over these cool coffee decorating stencils from Amazon. Be your own barista!

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