The Perfect Proposal Checklist

The time has finally come – The time to get down on one knee and ask the love of your life to marry you.

There’s no doubt that being engaged is a special time in one’s life. A time where everyone is rooting for you as a couple, and a time to start planning your next adventures of life together.

Take a deep breath, stop scrolling through ideas, and above all, don’t let the pressure of perfect get in the way of creating a cherished memory between you two.

After all, much like each relationship. what looks perfect for one couple might be completely different for another. Do what feels right for you and your partner.

For a little help... we’ve put together a checklist that will guide you through planning for the perfect proposal for you and your sweetheart.

Read on for a list of questions you have to get sorted before you can start planning, plus a little ring shopping guide!

1. For all the world to see, or just for you and me?

A public proposal for the world to see, or just the two of you? Do they want to share the moment by having a completely public proposal? What about having family or friends around?

A good way to gauge their reaction to public proposals is by telling them a story of a proposal you saw in public, or a public proposal in a movie. Do they say, “aww, how sweet!” or do they visibly cringe?

If a public proposal is more their thing then maybe the two of you can go for a hike and have family and friends waiting on the top, just in time for you to pop the question. If the outdoors aren’t your thing, you can surprise your S.O. with the all-important question during a “routine” Zoom with friends or family.

If they’d prefer a private proposal you could wait until they leave the house and transform a room into the perfectly romantic setting to pop the question. If outside is more your jam, you can hike or go to the place where you first met and find a quiet way to pop the Q.

2. The engagement ring: Three places to buy online

If you’re proposing with a ring then chances are they’ll be wearing it their whole life. So it better be something they like.

As much as we love surprises, this is such an important question that maybe having a direct conversation with them is needed. If you have a ring in the family would they like that idea? Or do they want a new ring? Are they all about the classics, or are they looking for something a bit more unique? Do they prefer no ring, or just a wedding band? That’s not very likely, but of course you know them best.

If you really want that surprise element, try asking their best friend, or sniffing around their Pinterest boards.

Here’s three places you can shop for rings online:

Vrai is the perfect place to shop for timeless, traditional engagement rings. You can create a custom engagement ring on their site, or choose from dozens of beautiful designs. All of their diamonds are sustainably created in their foundry, so you know you’re doing your part to keep the industry honest.

Shop for rings here: Vrai engagement rings

Sometimes, you just gotta try it on. It’s becoming increasingly common for the ring buying process to be a couple’s activity, instead of a complete surprise. And if your S.O. is particularly picky or indecisive, then having the option to try on rings is invaluable.

Gemist has hundreds of styles that you can customize with your choice of gemstone, setting and metal. They’ll send you a selection of (replica) rings to try on in the comfort of your own home, that way your S.O. can be sure they absolutely love the ring.

Start trying rings on: Gemist engagement rings

Alt-text: ring with blue stone and smaller diamonds on blue cloth unique engagement ring

If your S.O. is a unique soul that wants a ring unlike any other, then Etsy is the perfect place to shop. They have antique rings as well as uniquely designed rings in a wide selection of gemstones, styles and metals. Just make sure you purchase from a reputable store, and make sure your package is delivered with insurance!

Shop unique engagement rings here: Etsy Engagement Rings

3. Who is capturing the moment?

How important is it for your S.O. that the exact moment of proposal is captured? For public proposals you can always hand the camera off to a family or friend, or even a random bystander. For more private proposals you’ll have to get more creative in how you’ll manage to snag a few pictures.

If you’re planning on keeping the proposal a surprise your partner might get suspicious if there’s cameras snapping away at you. Consider telling them you’ve booked a couple’s photoshoot, that way they won’t question the presence of the camera.

For more low-key outdoor proposals, you can always go with a selfie-stick. Most of them come with a tripod as well, so whether you’re taking an actual selfie or setting up the camera away from you, you can capture that special moment.

4. How do they look?

Surprises are all well and good, but they can backfire on you. If it’s important to your S.O that they look good in the proposal pictures (and it probably is), then you’ll have to get creative with how you can convince them to dress up a bit fancy, without ruining the surprise.

Consider sending them to a “just because” spa day beforehand, so they can get all pampered up. Another option is bringing a friend in on the planning. Have the friend schedule a fancy brunch with your S.O. earlier in the day so your S.O. is already all dressed up.

With all these questions answered you’re well on your way to planning the perfect proposal. Good luck!

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