The 11 Days of Giftmas Giveaway!

Here at Toffee + Twine, we’ve declared December as the official gift giving month.

Whether you participate in a holiday that gives gifts in December or not, we think there should be a time of the year dedicated to the magic that is gift giving. To the special gesture that says: I love you, hubby. Or, I tolerate you, coworker. Or, you’re my ride-and-die, bestie. (Or, you’re my favorite fur-baby, Twinkles. Don’t tell Toes...)

We’re doing the 11 days of Giftmas Giveaway because we’ve been visited by the spirit of Oprah this season: You get a gift! And you get a gift! EVERYBODY GETS A GIFT!

Ok, not quite everybody. There are rules, and sadly not everyone can win a super cool prize. But trust us, just by entering this giveaway you’re getting something special: Access to our newly-launched Toffee + Twine app!

The 11 days kick off on December 7th, so read on for all the details and a sneak peak of some of the prizes!

How to enter the 11 Days of Giftmas Giveaway

We’re keeping the rules simple and the prizes 🔥lit🔥 this year. Here’s what you got to do:

  1. Download the Toffee + Twine app, and create your profile. This is the fun bit – In our app you’ll be able to put in all your loves and preferences, so your people have loads of giftspiration for you. You’re welcome!

  2. Follow us on Instagram @toffeeandtwine. Sometimes we catch ourselves drooling over our own feed, it’s so pretty. Plus, we’re always posting lots of gift ideas. We’re kind of obsessed with gifts, can you tell?

  3. Tag a friend. Look for the giveaway on our @toffeeandtwine Instagram account and tag all your friends! The more you tag, the more entries you get.

  4. Invite your crew to the app. You can do this right in the app. Invite all your loved ones and give them the opportunity to view your gifting preferences and fill out their own profiles. This is your chance to give that not so subtle hint to mom that she should step up her gifting game. Each invite you send gives you a point!

The giveaway runs December 7-17th, and we’ll be announcing our daily winner over on Instagram. 11 days, 11 gifts, 11 lucky people.

While we know we’re spreading the gifting cheer to everyone who uses our app, we’re giving you a sneak peek of some of the fun prizes we’ll be handing out to the lucky 11.

I think it’s clear we don’t believe in being TOO generous. So join us in the fun, and remember: There’s a new winner every day, so keep an eye on our Instagram page @toffeeandtwine.

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