Turn A Good Gift Into A Great One

Top 3 Must-Have Items That Turn a Good Gift Into a Great One

Ever had to give a gift and suddenly come down with a case of what if it’s not good enough syndrome? We all have, and it comes from a feeling of you caring so much about the recipient’s happiness that only the best will do! And part of that means knowing how to turn a good gift into a great one that will be treasured forever.

Rest assured, your gift is definitely good enough. But since your pals at GiftBarr have your back, here are a couple small add-ons and things you can do to create a memorable gifting experience:

Gift Wrap:

No, you’re not giving this as the gift! But just as chefs say that enjoying food starts with your eyes (so add a little basil to make any dish pop with color), a great gift starts with what the person sees, because the time and effort spent wrapping it will show how you feel about them. Do you want your gift to be wrapped in old newspapers and magazine pages? Or do you want to select a nice wrapping paper with style and flair? Also, don’t forget to take your time when wrapping it; bad creases and torn paper can ruin even the nicest of patterns or materials!

Nice Card:

While gifts are nice, they’re just things you buy; they don’t often convey a nice, heartfelt message. That’s where a thoughtful card comes in. Consider skipping generic ones from grocery stores in favor of stationery stores like Paper Source or Papyrus that carry a wide variety of brands and artists. Once you choose a card that inspires you, spend time writing something meaningful. In ten years, they may not remember the exact gift and purpose, but they’ll definitely remember how you poured your heart out to them.

Wine or Champagne:

Whatever you gift to someone, add wine or champagne to make it all feel more upbeat! The best wines for gift-giving depend on what your recipients prefer, but Better Homes & Garden created a list of the Top 10 Wines of 2019. It features a nice mix of varietals from deep reds to sweet whites and everything in between, just in case you have a rosé fan in your life! Also, champagne is very celebratory, so gift a memory when someone buys a new house or gets the job of a lifetime.

Nice gift wrap, a thoughtful card, and something that needs to be uncorked all turn a good gift into a great one. Just make sure that whatever you buy is something that is age- and holiday-appropriate, and fits snugly with your recipients’ tastes!

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