Self-Care Forever



Read on to discover the kinds of gifts they’ll love the most, with options to splurge, options to save, and even ways to take the creative route.

Your S.O. knows the value of a self-care time and gets it whenever they can. They’re the masters of recharging so they can be 100% present when they need to be.

But your S.O. is also compassionate, and maybe they need a little help devoting time to taking care of themselves, instead of taking care of everyone else.

The perfect gift you can give them is something that will help them practice self-care in a meaningful and luxurious way.

If you want to go splashy...

You can’t go wrong with gifting them a spa day.

Go the extra mile and take care of all of the logistics like getting them to and from the spa, and booking lunch afterward.

You’ll get to benefit by seeing them absolutely glow with contentment. All the points!

You can also help them level-up their already existing self-care routines.

Do they love soaking in the tub?

Get them a set of deliciously scented bath salts, special essential oils, or some waterproof speakers so they can really get into the mood.

Remember, with self-care, it’s not just about the luxury of taking a bath or going to the spa – it’s taking the time to take care of themselves that’s most important.



Need some help choosing the right gift?

So now that we’ve inspired you with all these great gift ideas, it’s time to actually pick one, right? We get it, there’s A LOT out there to choose from and it can be overwhelming.

You came here with a mission: Get a gift.

Consider your mission accomplished with your personally curated gift guide.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide based on YOUR quiz results with links directly to the item AND broken down to accommodate any budget. 

It’s the gift that keeps giving, cuz you’ll have enough to choose from for their birthday...and the holidays... and your anniversary... and VALENTINES day!

It’s pretty simple: A list of creative and thoughtful gifts they’ll absolutely LOVE. No need to hunt these gifts down; we’ve included links to buy right on the guide itself!

(You can’t put a price on happiness, but this is a good start)