Order + Simplification, Please!

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Read on to discover the kinds of gifts they’ll love the most, with options to splurge, options to save, and even ways to take the creative route.

Your S.O. is truly an organizational powerhouse, but as a consequence they’ve got A LOT going on. Between work/business, home, kids, family, their side hustle, on and on the list goes.

How do they manage it all? Organization. Simplification. Please!

They crave order and need to plan ahead, so surprising them with a getaway is a surefire way to end up in the dog house.  

Anything that you can do or give to make their day-to-day easier and smoother will be appreciated above all. AKA acts of service. 

Even if that means taking a weekend to finally clean out the garage, so there’s more room for everything to be in the right place.

For your order-minded S.O., the most romantic gift is anything that will take the burden off of them, whether it be a
meal kit subscription or having the housekeeper come an extra time this month. 


Order and simplification types usually like techy gadgets that make their life easier too, like a fitness tracker

Make sure to take the time you’ve freed up for them and schedule in some date nights, otherwise they’ll likely fill the gap with yet another project!



Need some help choosing the right gift?

So now that we’ve inspired you with all these great gift ideas, it’s time to actually pick one, right? We get it, there’s A LOT out there to choose from and it can be overwhelming.

You came here with a mission: Get a gift.

Consider your mission accomplished with your personally curated gift guide.

We’ve put together the ultimate guide based on YOUR quiz results with links directly to the item AND broken down to accommodate any budget. 

It’s the gift that keeps giving, cuz you’ll have enough to choose from for their birthday...and the holidays... and your anniversary... and VALENTINES day!

It’s pretty simple: A list of creative and thoughtful gifts they’ll absolutely LOVE. No need to hunt these gifts down; we’ve included links to buy right on the guide itself!

(You can’t put a price on happiness, but this is a good start)